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How-To Guide to Prepare for Liposuction

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Getting rid of stubborn fat from the abdomen and buttocks is a tough feat. It is called stubborn for a reason as no amount of rigorous diet and exercise makes it go away for most. A lot of people in Dubai struggle with it. Thankfully, by getting the best liposuction in Dubai, you get to say bye-bye to excess fat!

It is not an invasive procedure whose recovery takes weeks. Liposuction helps you get rid of all the unwanted fat at once. It is a fast, long-lasting, and safe procedure. For an excellent result from a plastic surgery procedure, you have to tick some boxes leading to your procedure.

Here are a few things you should know before getting liposuction done:

Lose The Weight You Can

Before going for a consultation, try to lose weight on your own through healthy means such as exercise and diet. The candidate for liposuction should be at a healthy BMI before they move ahead with the procedure. Have a detailed discussion with your surgeon. If your BMI is too high, the surgeon will advise you to lose more weight via exercise and diet.

The areas that have fat you are unable to lose, that is where liposuction is the most beneficial for you.

Quit Smoking

When you smoke, it constricts the blood cells that can lead to complications both during and after the procedure. It is unsafe to smoke a few months before the procedure. Moreover, you have to remain smoke-free for many months following the procedure. Although it would be healthier to quit smoking altogether, you could talk to your surgeon and come up with a short-term smoke-free plan before liposuction.

Inform The Surgeon About Any Medications or Supplements That You Are Taking

Make a list of all the medications and supplements that you are taking and tell them to your surgeon. There are few supplements and medications that could react to anesthesia or the painkillers you would be using during and after the procedure. Also, aspirin can thin your blood among other issues. Be prepared to either modify or stop taking them altogether.

Have Someone Drive You Home and Take Care

Arrange for someone to pick you up from the clinic and then take you home. Also, you need to have someone at home to take care of you. A family member or a loved one. Not that you would be bedridden for weeks, however, there is going to be some swelling and soreness that needs to be taken care of.

Get off Time From Work

You must take some time off from work. You would have to postpone some of your responsibilities so you can completely focus on your health and safe recovery. It is better to get liposuction during the summer months when you have fewer responsibilities to take care of.

Have Realistic Expectations

This is important. Whenever you get any procedure done, you should have realistic expectations. Liposuction will surely give you a more toned physique. However, it will take time to get used to the different changes. If your confidence or self-esteem suffer due to weight, liposuction will take some time to get you the desired shape.

Surgeries, even from the plastic surgeons in Dubai come with some risk or side effects. Although liposuction is a non-invasive procedure, it will come with some soreness, swelling, and pain. The results will take some time to appear.

Do all that is mentioned, and you are all set for getting liposuction.

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