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How To Keep Your Bow Ties And Tie To Stay Straight

by Soft2share.com

Bow ties are not only beautiful when you look at them, but also they are very attractive when you go to the events. But there is one issue with them that, they don’t keep straight always and many of the people feel embarrassed when they wear bow ties or ties eyes in the wedding events or similar places. In this article, I am going to give you the reasons for the procedures by which you can keep your bow tie straight to look beautiful and also don’t feel embarrassed in front of the people.

Wear the one you Made yourself

If you are not familiar to this thing, then let me tell you that there are bow ties available in the market which is already tired, and you just need to wear them on your collar. But I will recommend that you buy the bow tie which you need to you tie yourself not already tired bow ties. If you tie the bow tie yourself, then you will not have much problem with the balance of that, and it will keep straight.

Put on the Clip to keep it straight

This is one of the most common procedures people use to make their tie keep straight. Even though there are tie clips available in the market but according to my experience that doesn’t look very good so this is why you need to go for the hidden alternative. Just have the simple paper clip and bend it a little. After bending it, you need to make it like a hook. This hook needs to be around the buttons of your shirt. Remember that hooking the button with the paper clip will allow you to keep your tie perfectly straight.

There is a tag on the back of the tie. You need to use the hook of the paper clip and pass it through the tag. This will allow you to who make tie keep straight in one line even if there is a big wind

Buy The One With Good Packaging

Some of the ties are available in the market and only good apparently but not when you get the delivery of that. This is why you need to go for the ties which are having good packaging.  Tie packaging is available in different kinds and not only that you can get a good tie for yourself, but also you can give it as a present to other people.

Design of Boxes matter

Now, here comes the question that how the good box design or the good packaging will allow you to make your tie and bow tie keep straight. As I have told you before that because of the tie boxes with bad packaging which make the tie rusty and you will not be able to make them keep straight you when you try them extensively.

Where to find such Packaging

You will find many of the Agencies who will give you a good type of packaging for your ties which you can use for yourself, or you can make them as a marketing strategy. You can use the one which is according to your requirement and also according to the budget you have. Remember that, different events require a different type of bow ties and ties and if you are looking for tie box then you can choose the one from the agency according to the event you are trying to attend or trying to attract.

So if you will ask me to conclude this article, then I will say that not only that tie boxes are very beneficial in terms of the marketing and business strategy, but also they will be very beneficial for you if you are looking for making your bow tie and tie keep straight. Good packaging will allow your tie to remain in the original position and it will allow you to do not use much extreme procedure to make them straight when you are using them.

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