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How to Perform Migration Between Cloud Providers?

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In this article, we will discuss the best method to perform migration between Cloud provides. Using this article, you will easily be able to migrate your organizational data between different cloud platform (G Suite, Google Vault, Office 365, Lotus Notes, and Exchange Server). 

Before proceeding with the approach for data migration, first make sure that you are doing it the right way. 

Why Migration Between Cloud Provides Becomes Important? 

When choosing the first business cloud platform, most organizations go after the “brand names” without a clear understanding of their business needs. After realizing that they have chosen the wrong business suite for the organization, most of them try to switch to a different suite. However, while understanding the switching method, they run into problems because there is no direct way to migrate between business cloud providers.

Most commercial platforms like G Suite and Office 365 openly welcome users to accept their services, but when they leave, they don’t provide any assistance. They made their exit procedure so painful that without the help of any expert, normal organization could not be changed.

As we explained above, there is no direct way to migrate data between cloud platforms. Therefore, this blog will help you solve the problem by suggesting the best utilities for cloud migration.

Best Methods to Migrate Data Between Cloud Providers

The best automated tool that can help you migrate data between public and private business cloud platforms is the SysTools Cloud-to-Cloud migration tool. It is a complete utility for migrating full accounts of business platforms like G Suite, Office 365, Google Vault etc. Users can easily migrate email, contacts, calendar, and drive data between these most combinations of cloud platforms. In addition, there are several qualities that make this tool unique, such as:

  1. Migrate email, calendar, contacts and documents at the same time.
  2.  Transfer documents and group permissions from source account to target account
  3. Quick and easy user ID mapping option
  4. Provides category and date range filters for selective data migration
  5. Download summary and detailed reports after migration.
  6. Option to retry failure or rerun full migration after first attempt.
  7. Delta migration function can skip migrated data and transfer new/updated data.
  8. Option to stop migration at any time.
  9. User based on lifetime license
  10. Maintain folder hierarchy and data integrity during/after migration.
  11. Concurrent migration function supports multiple migration projects.
  12. Supports G Suite, Office 365 & Exchange migration to Office 365

Prerequisites: Before starting the migration, you must fully meet the basic prerequisites. This prerequisite is to allow the tool to migrate.

Steps for migration data between business cloud platforms are:

1. Download and start SysTools Migrator on Windows 10 / Server 12 /16.

2. Activate your software by providing a valid activation code.

3. Select the source and target cloud platforms for migration.

4. Select a category and apply a filter for selective data migration.

5. Enter source administrator ID and application ID and verify ID

6. Now, enter the target administrator ID and app ID and verify

7. Select the desired option for mapping source and target user ID

8. Apply priority filter and click Start Migration button

9. Once done, download the summary and detailed report for review

10. If any file migration fails or fails to select any category or migrate new items, use the re-migration option.

Note: The software will automatically convert the source platform default file format to the target platform default file format.


Since there is no way to manually perform migration between cloud providers, it is better to use third-party software for this type of migration process. Recommended software can provide 100% migration success and a 24×7 support team that can help you at every stage. Download the software and get two free full licenses to test the tool.

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