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How to Pick Out a Survival Pocket Knife

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Don’t be overwhelmed by the staggering options you have in selecting a Survival Pocket Knife, whether it’s your first blade or your hundredth. All you have to do to select the right one is to know what you’re going to use it for and you can go from there. Besides, if you choose one and find out that it doesn’t have some features that you wish it did, you can always get another one to serve as a backup. Or you can use the first one as a backup, it doesn’t really matter. After all, two is one and one is none, as they say. It never hurts to have more than one survival pocket knife on you, especially if you really are using it for bushcraft or survival.

Anyway, the point is, all you need to be to pick out the right one is to take a minute and figure out what you’re going to use it for. You may find that you have a few specific requirements for what you’re going to do with a survival pocket knife. Before you even get into your requirements for pocket knives like a pocket clip or a liner lock, you’ll want to know how you’re going to use the knife.

For example, if you are a boater and need a survival pocket knife for boating, it’s pretty common to find knives with marlin spikes and rounded points like a sheepsfoot. Since boats are always in motion, the lack of a sharp point makes the knife less dangerous in the hand since there’s less risk of puncture.

If you are a hunter, you’ll want a pocket knife that can clean and dress game, maybe even one with a guthook. If you are a fisherman and expect to need to be able to find fish to eat, a thin, narrow blade is best for cleaning fish. By a similar token addressing utility, you might want to pick out a multi-tool or other pocket knife with screwdriver heads or wrenches as a part of it so you can do your own work on your bike, quad or car. It’s not exactly a survival skill, but it will help you survive.

By another token, if you can’t identify the several most important tasks you’ll have to be able to effectively complete as part of your survival skillset, then there is another rule to follow. The more skills you have, the fewer tools you need. That’s true as much anywhere as it is in survival or bushcraft. Here’s how it goes. A lot of survivalists need nothing more than a single blade to accomplish most of the things that anyone else can do with an 18 function multi-tool. That being said, if you need to rely on the tools to complement your skill set, then pick out a survival pocket knife like one of the Swiss Army survival knives that has as many tools as possible.

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