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How to Plan a Budget Trip to Nepal?

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You can be the most amazing backpacker in the world, given that you have to be poor. Yes, that’s right. Those bitten by the bug of wanderlust depend so less on money that you will drop jaws if you knew their travel budget. You don’t need to be rich to plan a trip. Just a bit of fund-rearrangement will be enough to help you plan a great trek to, let’s say, the Himalayas. It’s good to explore the unknown alone because it’s cheap. But risk-taking isn’t everyone’s talent. Trekking tours like Gokyo Ri trekking tours, Dolpo trekking tours, etc. in Nepal can give you maximum wanderlust on a tight budget. Sounds right? Alright. Let’s move on to help you so that you can plan an awesome budget trip to Nepal.

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Here are 5 things you want to do while planning a budget trip to Nepal:

  • Search for a touring guide

We know you have enough GPS to survive the world tour but even on a budget trip, affordable touring guides help immensely. Why incur extra cost on touring guides, you ask? Often, treks, most especially in Nepal could seem a bit scary to someone who’s trekking alone especially during Annapurna circuit trekking tours, Everest Base Camp trekking tours, etc. And the thrill of trekking gets reduced to an instant half because nothing ruins a trip like fear does.

  • Ditch hotels for hostels

A budget traveler never makes friends with the comforts of resorts, or margarita for breakfast. As picturesque as it sounds, Nepal might want to give in to the temptation of a great resort with the best Himalayan views. But simply put that out from the list and search for affordable hostels that save money.

  • Eat like a sage

Traveling and eating great food is like the best combo of a great life. But budget travelers have a hunger for the wanderlust that can only be satisfied when some compromises are made. Plan your food budget accordingly and leave 20 percent for indulgences. The rest should come under the category of food that keeps you alive.

  • No souvenir policy

Souvenirs worked best in times when courier services didn’t exist. Now you can easily get a Russian doll in New York without ever setting your foot in Russia. The affordable, new-age souvenir is Instagram where pictures stay forever, no money involved. You can use the souvenir money on good food.

  • Prepare in advance

This option may seem outdated to those who live every day as if it were their last. Yet, for most of us, everyday isn’t our last day. So there is no harm in saving a little extra money for your Nepal trip months ahead. A burger budget will do too. All you need to save is the money that you’d rather spend on a burger every day. This way you can save lots of money in just 3 months and voila! You can make it to the holy land of the Himalayas a.k.a Nepal.

The whole point of making a budget trip to Nepal is that you get to soak in the vibe of Himalayas so that the memories you make out of the whole trip last you an entire lifetime. Cutting down on a Netflix subscription for 2 months can get you a decent hostel, your unused gym membership can pay for a one-way flight to Kathmandu, and in some cases, the heavy bar bill from last night’s office party you threw for no reason at all can fund the entire trip. So it’s really about shifting money from one pocket of luxuries to another pocket of quality living. So are you ready to make the best budget trip to Nepal?

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