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How to prepare for the CBSE class 8 maths exam?

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Every student, during his school days, has wished at least once to be at the top of the class and to prove himself. Class 8 is an important stage of academic life. Though all the subjects of class 8 are important for the students, Maths of Class 8 is one of the most important subjects. Also, many students find it very much difficult to prepare for the Maths exam even if they are preparing for the exam through some kind of CBSE class 8 maths worksheet. This is why in this article, we are going to discuss some of the basic tips which you should keep in mind while preparing for the CBSE class 8 maths exam.So, without any delay, let’s get started.

  • Constant practice: You must have heard the quote “practice makes a man perfect”. And mathematics is such a subject which can be excelled only by practicing constantly. No matter how well you have understood the concepts, but if you have not practiced the topics much, then you will definitely face some kind of difficulty in the exams, whether it’s getting confused in the calculations or getting too much time in solving the questions. Thus, it is suggested that you should practice previous years’ question papers as much as possible.
  • Prefer NCERT solutions: Usually, it is advised by the CBSE itself to use the NCERT solutions for preparing for the exams. There are a lot of reasons to choose NCERT solutions over other ones. With the help of NCERT solutions, students can understand the basic concepts very easily and in a much better way. This is the reason why the majority of the students preparing for the JEE exams use the NCERT solutions.
  • Focus on challenging topics: If you want to just pass the exam, then you may skip 1 or 2 less important chapters, but if you want to score well, then we suggest you to focus on all the topics of your syllabus especially the challenging ones. Thus, you should focus more on the chapter like geometry, quadrilaterals and algebraic expressions while preparing for the exam because these are the chapters which will set you apart from the crowd.
  • Refer to sample papers: If you want to have an extra edge over others in maths exam, then it is suggested to refer to solved sample papers. This will help you in knowing about the different kinds of questions hailing from a single topic. It is seen that the majority of the questions coming in the exam are like from those in these sample question papers or class 8 maths CBSE worksheets. So, never underestimate these question papers.
  • Clear all your doubts: Never leave a doubt unattended because it can really cost you too much in the exam. Whenever you have any doubt regarding any of the topic, try to solve it, whether by getting help from others or by asking to your teacher. Never be afraid of asking questions as your teacher is ready to help you always.

These were the major tips for the students who are preparing for the CBSE class 8 maths exams. Just plan your study well and try to stick to that plan. All the best for the exams as well as for future.

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