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How To Promote Your Newly Opened Café with Printed Promotional Items?

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Starting a new eatery is really a big step. When you are opening your new eatery, you have to keep in mind that this is a very competitive market. And making your mark will not be easy unless you are trying every way possible. And that is why going for printed promotional items is an effective option for you to get the words out.

Why Printed Promotional Products for Marketing?

At the beginning of your business days, spending more money on your business promotion might sound too much. That is why you need to make sure that you are going or an affordable option when it comes to promoting your business. For an eatery or a café, the aim is to attract local customers. And that is why you need to spread the word in your local market. With printed promotional products, you can easily do that. This is an affordable, effective and smart way for promoting your café. 

Now, when you are planning for promotion, take a look at the items you can use for your business.

  • Menus

When your diners are dropping by, they will surely take a look at the menus of your café. And that is why you need to plan the menu properly. The menu is not just the paper with the name of the dishes printed. The café menu is a part of the ambiance. The names, the descriptions, pricing, tiny images and clip arts play important roles to create an impression. And that is why put a lot of thought to print your café menu. A company of customized printing services can help you with that.

  • Takeaway Menu

The takeaway menu of your café is different from your regular café menu. Why? This is also used for spreading your brand awareness. At the same time, you are putting your contact information in that. You are sharing your social media links and URLs too. And perhaps, you can share a QR code for a discount to make sure your customers order again. So, while creating the takeaway menu, think about what details you want to see about your local café on a menu. 

  • Table Tents

Often overlooked, but table tents are a very powerful promotional tool for a café. Your customers are waiting at the table after ordering what they want to have. This is the perfect time when the table tent will catch their attention. Remember, for table tents, you must keep changing the content. You can print the new offers or the new items that you are introducing. You can share the links on social media, urge them to upload a picture to avail discounts. Or you can share your online profiles so that they can leave reviews. In any case, you will create an interactive experience for your customers. 

  • Premium Business Cards

Running into people who might become your potential patrons can be a common thing when you start your business. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Keep your premium printed business cards ready with the information about your business. Instead of regular shapes, go for custom shapes so that they will immediately grab the attention of your customers. Keep all information on the card along with relevant URLs.


  • Direct Mail Massaging

Another very effective way to promote your eatery locally will be easier when you are using direct mail massaging. You can hire a company of online printing in California that offers EDDM and ensures delivery as a designated ZIP code or area with guaranteed results. You can also ensure that the agency is asking for competitive postal rates and works with USPS. This is the best way to reach the doorstep of your potential customers. Do a bit of research and find the right target audience. And go for this option.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire the right printing company and plan the promotion of your café so that you get maximum footfalls.

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