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How To Promote Your Website Before It’s Launched

by Soft2share.com

Promotion is a lengthy process taking months, and that is why some business owners understand that even if the project is only in development, the earlier they will start to promote it, the faster the result after launch will be.  We know that website development may take a month or two, and in some cases more than half a year, depending on its complexity. During this time it would be good to make already something in respect of promotion. But how can you approach this process? What benefits will you have after launching the site, if you start to spin it before? In this article we will try to outline these issues and hope it will be interesting and useful for you.



Let’s start from age of website. It is one of the factors used by Yandex and Google to rank. The older the site, the better the search engines treat it. Therefore, it is better to buy a domain in advance and place on it any content in order that after the launch of the desired project it had already any age.


Now let’s pay attention on indexation. Everyone knows that new sites are included in the index of search engines not as quickly as its owner would like. The usual scheme of resource’s life is following: buying a domain and hosting, site design, layout and site development and then filling by any content, then start waiting indexing in search engines, and only in conclusion advance and promotion. This chain is very long and you can optimize it only reducing the time for each stage or combining several steps into one. If you start untwisting a site in advance, after its launch you won’t need to wait for its indexing in Yandex or Google, it will be good-known in these search engines.


Also you shouldn’t forget about link history.  Link is one of the external factors which are still important in site promoting in the search engines. Search engines look into the link history, analyzing age, variety, and other points and on the basis of these points they draw a conclusion about the site popularity in the network. You shouldn’t wait when you site will be ready in order to forming its link history.

Clients base

And in conclusion I want to write a little about client base. In addition, if you have a commercial website or database for future users (subscribers) of the resource / service, the splash page will help to raise the initial client base. Thus you can leave your phone number or address to communicate with you, or a form where people can enter their email and later receive a notification message about site opening. You know, people always like to be first in everything.

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