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How to Repair PST File without Scan PST?

by Soft2share.com

When users use the MS Outlook application, a copy of the mailbox file data is saved on the user’s PC. And the file format that these files are saved in is PST. However, there are a number of issues that might cause PST file corruption.

If your PST file is corrupt, this article can help you. We’ve compiled a list of tried-and-true methods for repairing PST files without the use of Scan PST

Because this Scan PST utility fails to repair a larger Outlook PST file, it is unable to fix it. And completing the task takes a long time. Let’s start with the cause of PST file corruption before going on to the cure.

What Causes an Outlook PST File to Become Corrupt?

  • Hardware issues, such as a power outage or a problem with the hard disc where the PST file is stored.
  • Invasion of a suspicious virus, which has a direct impact on the operation of the PST file.
  • When using MS Outlook, the network connection is poor.
  • When the users are working with Outlook data files, there is a power outage.

I hope you now understand all of the causes of PST file corruption and can prevent this problem in the future.

Repairing a PST File without Using Scan PST

Here are two basic techniques that you can apply. To repair PST files, simply follow any technique and complete each step.

  • During this step, we’ll create a new PST file and import the data from the old one. The steps are as follows:-
  • To begin, open Outlook and connect the older PST file. Then go to File > Open & Export and choose Open Outlook Data File.
  • Now copy the data from the old PST file and paste it into the new PST file you generated.
  • Set the new PST file as the default PST file after transferring the data to a newly generated file. The steps are as follows: –
  • Select File > Account Settings > Data Files > Data Files > Select the newly created PST file and select the option to make it the default.
  • Restart Outlook and verify that the default file is the updated PST file.
  • If you can’t open the PST file because it’s corrupted, you should first use a SysInspire PST Converter to fix it.

Technique #2: Repair Corrupt PST Files with SysInspire PST Converter

This efficient SysInspire PST Converter was designed to repair PST files without scanpst correct all PST file issues while preserving the folder structure. Because of its easy interface, any new user may easily utilize it. You also don’t have to be concerned about the security of your data because it is virus-free.

You can try out a free demo version of this application before you buy it to see how it works. Keep in mind that the free trial version has some limitations. As a result, if you want to use the advanced features, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version.

Working of the Software:-

  • SysInspire PST Converter can be downloaded and opened.
  • Select the corrupt PST file you wish to repair by tapping the select PST file button.
  • The scanning of the file begins in order to make it accessible once more.
  • Select the export to PST button and click the convert button after clicking the save PST option.
  • It will take some time, and you will receive a confirmation message after it is completed.


As a result, in this post, we’ll go over how to restore a PST file without using Scan PST. In addition, the reasons for PST file damage were explored. The only way to get a faster solution is to use the SysInspire PST Converter. This checks the PST file for data integrity and fixes it.

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