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How to Sound Like a Professional Journalist?

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A journalist is the person who is professionally dedicated to journalism , in any of its forms, whether in the written press , photography, radio , television or digital media . His work consists of discovering and investigating topics of public interest, contrasting them, synthesizing them, ranking them and publishing them. To do so, he resorts to reliable and verifiable journalistic sources . This is how he develops his articles, which can take various forms for dissemination: oral, written, visual.         

There are more than a few values that guide the work of the journalist, the main one of which is the respect for the truth, the rigor in the search for reliable and verifiable information. In general, a journalist is considered to be a good journalist who gets relevant, brief and accurate information in the shortest possible time.

Environmental journalist

He is the one in charge of subjects that are related between man and his natural environment. It includes information regarding agriculture, livestock, weather, social, economic, political aspects of what has to do with the environment. Ecological  research and dissemination to preserve the planet.

Cyber journalist

It is the one whose main means for research, development and, above all, the dissemination of information is cyberspace, with the Internet as the main exponent. Its function is to make complex information is simplified and understandable by providing hyperlinks and multimedia resources for better understanding of the user.

Scientific journalist

Is one that fulfills a systematic and professional relationship between scientific knowledge and society; Its main goal is to make science a knowledge for the general public with informative and didactic character

Cultural journalist

It is one that is responsible for the dissemination of events and the cultural expressions of a society through the mass media. In turn, it also aims to inform about events whose essence is the arts, music and crafts. Although this branch of journalism is extensive due to its broad term of what is known as culture  it is important to highlight that a cultural journalist is one who promotes the mergers or renovations of past and contemporaneous cultures, with the sole function of raising awareness to your audience new manifestations of other places.

Investigative journalist

The journalist carries out, through initiative and work   , important matters that some people or organizations wish to keep secret. Its three basic elements are: that the investigation is the work of the reporter , that the work contributes something novel and interesting for a more or less broad group,

Economic journalist

He is a specialist journalist in the economic area, making known with a general vision the economic state of a certain country, the state of inflation, of the currency against the dollar, euro, etc.

Profile of the Good Journalist

The characteristics of a good professional journalism is to acquire adequate knowledge about the issues, maintain a critical attitude, and contrast some opinions, even those with which you personally feel identified, with others that are opposed and offer the reader more elements of judgment with those who better understand reality. It is necessary, for each information, if possible, to have at least two opposing views, each of which will usually offer aspects of the problem that are not contemplated in the other. Nick Gamache CBC has spent more than 15 years in the Canadian media circles. Nick Gamache Journalist has spent the bulk of his career as a journalist and producer where he gained extensive experience in writing and performing for broadcasts as well as writing and editing online content.

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