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How to Store a Safe in The Basement?

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Are you worried about storing a safe in your house? It’s very natural because your weapon’s security greatly depends on the place you will keep your gun safe. You can choose any secure place in your house. It can be your bedroom, living room, etc. But, there is a huge portion of gun safe users who prefer to store the safe in the home basement. The basement is definitely a good choice in terms of keeping it secure from unauthorized access. But there are some risk factors that you have to keep in mind before making any decision. Your basement will be a reliable place for storing safe only when you will be sure about the following factors.

# Theft risk:

The most alarming thing about a safe is getting it stolen by bad people. When you keep a safe in your bedroom, the chances of entering your room by a stranger is comparatively less. But, when you are keeping them safe in the basement, you won’t even know that someone is trying to get access to your safe. This will happen only when your basement is not well-protected. Well, first of all, you have to ensure the safety of this place against theft so that people can’t open it without your willingness and access. To ensure security, you can set up CCTV cameras in the basement area so that you can monitor the people who normally go there, including your family members. Besides, you can use a highly-secured advanced-technology locking system to keep your basement protected from the rest of the world.

# Humidity risk:

The next enemy for your safe that you should think about is the humidity level. People who don’t know much about safe and their safety measures have little knowledge about humidity risk. Humidity is actually the water in the air that is very harmful to any metal stuff. Most of your guns will be made of steel. So, if your gun safe and the basement is full of extreme humidity, your guns will be damaged automatically. To get rid of this problem, you can do something. You can paint the interior with humidity-resistant paint. It will help a lot to keep the interior of the gun safe protected against moisture in the air. You can also use rechargeable silica dehumidifiers. It will help you a lot to absorb the air-water and keep your stuff dry.

# Temperature risk:

Temperature is another crucial factor that is very necessary to consider before keeping your gun safe in your basement. Well, the right temperature for a gun safe matters a lot to keep your gun safe protected. Both too hot and too cold temperature is harmful to the gun safe. If you can’t determine the room temperature wisely, your gun safe won’t perform at its best. So, before keeping the gun safe in the basement, make sure that there is a perfect temperature for keeping the gun safe.

# Fire risk:

Keeping your safe and guns away from the fire is another crucial thing. So, you should think about the fire risk in the basement of your house. You shouldn’t keep any flammable stuff in the basement that increases the chances of occurring fire. Besides, you should install a fire alarm in the basement so that you can get to know in case of any emergency. You should also keep a carbon dioxide cylinder in the basement to stop the fire.

Final Words

A gun safe is for your gun’s protection and you are thinking of storing it in the basement for enhancing the security level. But if you fail to consider the above things, you won’t get the right result at all. So, take proper steps and then install the gun safe in the basement.

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