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How to tell if you qualify for bariatric surgery in Los Angeles or not?

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Bariatric surgery can be a life-changing procedure for obese individuals, and it can help them in living everyday healthy lives. Bariatric surgery, also known as weight loss surgery, is a standard procedure here in Los Angeles and around the US, and it is performed as invasive and minimally invasive surgery.

Surgeons such as Dr. Feiz make sure that an individual meets all the qualification requirements of weight loss surgery. While many obese individuals might want to get weight loss surgery,

it is not a procedure you can get on a walk-in basis. Even though the process itself is safe, it is only reserved for those who are significantly overweight or have specific life-threatening health conditions related to obesity.

So if you are wondering if you can qualify for a weight loss surgery, then it is best to contact your doctor. However, if you want to get a general understanding of who can get weight loss surgery, then we suggest you keep reading this article.

Who qualifies for Weight loss surgery in Los Angeles?

The patient should meet some general criteria to be considered a candidate for weight loss surgery in Los Angeles and the US. While there are additional checkups and assessments required before a patient is given the go-ahead for weight loss surgery, meeting these criteria means you have a solid chance to get weight loss surgery. So without further ado, here are some qualification requirements for weight loss surgery:

BMI requirements: BMI or body mass index is one of the most essential weight loss surgery qualification guidelines. A person with a BMI of 40 or higher is a strong candidate for weight loss surgery.

A BMI of 40 roughly translates to someone who is at least 100 pounds overweight. If you aren’t sure about your BMI, you can use free online calculators to calculate it.

These free tools require you to enter your body weight and height and use the information to calculate the BMI for you. If you find that your BMI is higher than 40, you should inform your doctor about finding out your chances of getting weight loss surgery.

Inability to lose weight naturally: If you have been trying to lose weight using natural methods such as diet control and exercise or your health conditions don’t allow you to lose weight naturally. You may be referred to a weight loss surgeon;

if you have been trying to lose weight for more than six months under the supervision of a healthcare provider but can’t see improvements in terms of weight loss.

Obesity-related health conditions: You may be eligible if you have a BMI of 40 with an obesity-related health condition, or it’s between 35 and 40. Some health conditions that may be worsened by obesity are heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, fatty liver, sleep apnea, and diabetes.

Your willingness to change your lifestyle: Weight loss surgery is not a miraculous procedure, and it involves making permanent lifestyle changes to maintain the weight loss. Whether you choose Gastric Sleeve, Gastric bypass, or gastric band surgery, you have to eat and exercise as per your healthcare provider’s guidelines if you want to prevent weight regain.

Who can’t get weight loss surgery done?

Your eligibility for weight loss surgery is determined during a detailed screening process that involves consultation with multiple health care professionals including, a surgeon, physiologist, and dietician. You may be denied weight loss surgery if:

  • You aren’t mentally ready for weight loss surgery and the commitment required to keep weight off following the surgery.  
  • You have certain health conditions that make weight loss surgery a risk.
  • You don’t meet the criteria for weight loss surgery.

If you want to be sure about whether weight loss surgery is an option for you, you should consult your healthcare provider or a weight loss surgeon. A weight loss surgeon can also guide you on whether bypass, sleeve, or band weight loss procedures would be correct for you.  

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