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How to Transport Frozen Food When Moving

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Moving out becomes a tedious process, packing everything in a way that it does not get spoiled. Often while moving out and shifting places, amidst all the checklist and packing, we tend to forget about the excessive grocery shopping. Now, groceries are something whose shelf life is highly questionable, so packing it a way that it does not get spoiled is a difficult task. But here are some tips that you can use to transport your food along with you without letting any of it go waste.

1. Only Necessary Items Should Be Packed

Make a list of all the items available in your fridge and freezer. Divide them based on their shelf life. Categorize them and put them in different columns based on whether they are perishable, non-perishable, cooking supplies, and glass bottles, baking supplies, canned goods, or boxed items. Based on the list, you can easily assess what things you can carry along with you. You can use the following tips to get rid of products that you cannot carry with you without wasting them.

  • Throw the ones that are expired
  • Donate the food that you do not want to bring with you, or use it as a gift that you can give to your friends and neighbors when they come to say goodbye!
  • All the frozen food you have stored all this while, start cooking them as much as possible and start consuming it a few days before when you plan to move.

2. Use Esky Or Cooler for Storing Frozen Food

It is not a very clear idea to bring your food along with you without any preservative measure. Using Esky for storing your frozen food is a good idea when you decide to transport your food along with you. Use ice blocks that are sufficient enough to fill the Esky instead of using ice cubes for it. Here are some steps for guiding you about packing your food in Esky.

  • Fill the Esky until the top; any space leads to melting the ice blocks and frozen food faster.
  • Seal the products that have chances to spill or leak in a zip lock.
  • Newspapers act as an insulator, so pack the frozen meat in newspapers and keep them at the Esky’s bottom. The meat juice might spoil other food items. Hence it’s necessary to keep it at the bottom.
  • The temperature should be no more than 4-degree Celsius to avoid bacteria’s growth before packing the frozen food.

3. Pack Your Fridge or the Freezer at the Last

The fridge and the freezer need to be packed properly. If you are shifting within the area of your present location or to a short distance, make sure to pack them at last. This makes sure that it gets unpacked the first after shifting to the new house, making it easier for the food to spoil.

  • Pack the fridge in an upright position.
  • Sideways packing can lead to compressor oil spilling into the cooling lines and end up clogging them.

Although transporting frozen food to a long-distance seems difficult, it can be easily accomplished by following these simple steps. 

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