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How to Troubleshoot HP Envy| All in one Troubleshooting [Fixed]

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In this article, we will see how to troubleshoot some common HP Envy 4500 issues.

The hard drive is not detecting in HP Envy 4500

Verify if device drivers are installed and updated properly for the hard drive you have. To do so, right-click on My Computer or Computer, select Manage, and then Device Manager.

In this tab, scroll down to the Hard Disk section and verify if the hard drive you are having a problem with is listed. If you have more than one hard drive connected to your machine, identify which one does not appear under the list and click on Action followed by Scan for hardware changes option.

If device drivers are installed properly, next you should verify if the hard drive cable is properly connected to both sides.

Try disconnecting and reconnecting the SATA cable from the motherboard side and check again if it shows up under the My Computer or Computer window. If this works, your BIOS settings need to be reconfigured and can be done by going through your computer manual.

If nothing works, verify if you have the jumper set correctly. The jumper is the small plastic piece placed on each end of the SATA connector. Usually, one side of the cable has a thicker metal pin at one end while the other side has a thinner pin. The thicker pin should be placed toward the power supply and next to this there would be 3 pins with 2 small holes between them and the thinner pin should be placed in-between these two holes. Make sure that you have this set correctly, or it won’t show up.

If the cable connection is okay but the hard drive still doesn’t appear in Windows Explorer, then it might be malfunctioning and needs to be replaced if nothing works else. If the hard drive appears in Device Manager but doesn’t work, try to disconnect all your peripheral devices connected to your machine and check if the hard drive appears again. If it does, then you can fix this issue by re-configuring your BIOS settings.

You will find the BIOS menu when you first turn on your computer or press Del or F2 or whatever key to enter your setup screen.

The system won’t boot up, shows a black screen, or gets stuck in the BIOS loading screen.

If this happens, there are chances that you have failed to install the RAM with the correct settings. This is quite common in HP machines, especially if they don’t come with pre-configured memory settings.

In this case, you can try to clear the CMOS and set the memory again, or else just update your BIOS if you have an option for that in your setup screen. If nothing works, try updating your BIOS from the HP support website.

The display is not working well or has got distorted alphabets or bright vertical lines.

Common causes of this are an outdated display driver or a damaged screen.

You can update your display driver from the HP website, but if this doesn’t work then you will have to replace the screen to fix this issue. This is quite common in Envy 4500 laptops since most of them use LED-backlit screens and tend to degrade with time.

There is no network connectivity in the computer.

Common causes of such hp envy 4500 troubleshoot could be a faulty network card or a corrupt driver that needs to be updated. You can try updating your driver from the HP website, and if nothing works then you might have to replace it.

How to replace a network card in Envy 4500?

A CD/DVD Drive is not reading discs or the laptop shuts down while it reads a disc.

First of all, try updating the driver from the HP website since this is quite common in these machines. If nothing works then you can replace your optical drive with a new one to fix this problem.

How to Replace optical drive in HP Envy 4500?

The computer freezes when it is started or shuts down randomly.

A common cause for such an issue could be overheating due to a faulty cooling fan. You can try cleaning the dust around your laptop and check if this helps. If the problem persists, remove the battery and clean its metal contacts using a pencil eraser. If nothing works, you can replace the cooling fan to fix this issue. How to replace the cooling fan in HP Envy 4500?

The laptop battery doesn’t charge or charge slowly and drains quickly as well.

If you are using a 3rd party charger then it could be due to a faulty adapter. Try using the original charger or another one from the same company to fix this issue. If it persists, you might have a faulty battery and will need to replace it for your laptop to work well. How to replace an HP Envy 4500 Series Laptop Battery?

The machine freezes at random times while running Windows 7 or 8 (8.1 ).

This happens due to a faulty driver or a low memory space. You can try updating your drivers from the HP website and Windows Update, and if nothing works then you might have to upgrade your BIOS. If all else fails, you will need to replace the motherboard of your laptop.

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How to replace Motherboard in HP Envy 4500?

The screen flickers when I play games, or the audio is choppy.

This happens most often when your graphics card driver needs to be updated or a newly installed game demands more processing power from your computer. Try updating your graphics card driver and see if this helps. If you have recently installed a new program then try uninstalling it for a temporary fix.

The laptop does not have any sound, or the sound broke after installing new drivers.

This could happen due to an outdated audio driver which needs to be upgraded from the HP website or from Windows Update. If this doesn’t work then try updating your BIOS and see if it helps. If nothing works then you might have to replace your sound card. How to replace the Sound Card in HP Envy 4500?

The computer freezes for a few seconds and then recovers, or it freezes completely without recovering

This happens when you have a faulty RAM module that needs to be replaced. Open your laptop’s cover and remove its RAM modules one by one.

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