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How to use the internet to make money from your home

by Soft2share.com

Your home is most likely the biggest asset you will ever own, and the most expensive thing you will ever buy. But it doesn’t need to be a constant source of expenditure – there are plenty of ways in which you can put your home to work making money for you. And all you need to get started is an internet connection – so check out these top ways to earn money from your property.

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  1. Rent out your spare room. Whether you have a spare room you don’t really use or you suddenly have more space on your hands after your children have flown the nest, taking in a lodger is a great way to earn some extra money every month. Using the internet it’s easy to find someone to rent your spare room – try classified sites like Craigslist or Gumtree, or use Google to find appropriate local websites for advertising rooms in your area. You can also make money from offering your room out to visiting students – check with your local college or language school for more information.
  2. Register your home for video or photo shoots. Whether you have a spacious family home or a trendy urban apartment, agencies are always on the look out for a wide variety of properties where they can shoot photo pieces, commercials, TV shows or movies. Check out websites like locationworks.com or use Google to find property agencies in your local area. Once you’ve found a suitable website you can create a profile for your home, upload images and wait to see if it catches the eye of any potential clients.
  3. Rent out your property to tourists. Websites like airbnb.com have created a whole new market for home-owners looking to make money from letting their property out to businessmen and holidaymakers visiting their area. Prices vary depending on location and the size of your property, but registering with a community property marketplace means you can rent your home on a short-term basis for a nightly rate. Homes in city centres and beach destinations are in high demand, but there is a market for properties in almost any location worldwide.
  4. Broaden your rental potential. If you have decided to let out your property on a long-term basis, advertising online massively opens up your market of potential tenants. Instead of advertising locally, why not think about what makes your property attractive on a national or international level – close to university, famous attractions, natural beauty etc. – and market it accordingly?
  5. Reach more potential buyers. Looking to make a profit from selling your home? Advertising it online is a great way to ensure your property is seen by the maximum amount of potential buyers. Do some research online to find the best websites for selling your home – got a property in New South Wales? Real estate Sydney websites will help you market your property to an appropriate audience. Want to sell a rural hideaway? Check out specialist websites for country retreats to find people looking to buy a similar home.

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