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How will recruitment agencies deal with the atrocities of the digitalized era?

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The most crucial part of the recruitment agencies is hiring professionals for both part-time and full-time jobs. But because of growing challenges in theĀ various jobĀ sectors due to change in the strategies of the stalwarts, strong planning is required by the recruiters for successfully hiring the potential candidates. It is mainly upon the recruiting managersĀ to fulfill theĀ vacated positions but around half of them are not able to provide candidature for the currentĀ job, which means their practicing procedures are not the most certain to be qualified. So if the mind-boggling gapĀ is persistent, the job market are yet to be explored, hence a betterĀ set of procedures should be followed rather than old traditional ways of recruiting a candidate.

Difficulties Encountered by Recruiting Agencies

As the entire world is encountering the newer technologies every other day and so is being encountered by the recruitment agencies along with it, the rising competition has made their task further difficult. Let’s access a few points over their concerns in detail:

Lack of potential candidates– A survey states that more than 85 percent of highly skilled employees do not want to switch their jobs, so there is a drop in the  availability of inquisitive candidates and that makes recruiters worried as they are unable to find the candidates they require. In a study it is said that over 75 percent of companies are competing with each other for the relevant candidate. 

Candidate Induced Recruitment Market– In the current era, the source of information for the majority of candidates is the internet. Hence, during their job search, they have greater power as there are more jobs than ever available online which have opened up to cater to their dream job destination. So, it is the candidate’s call that will alter the hiring procedure in this market. There is even an increase in demand of candidates and more than 20% of recruiters are not able to fulfill it and more than 70% of the candidates these days are passive job seekers. 

Employer Goodwill- A potential candidate perspective can turn from positive to a no show, reason being negative review. A survey suggests that around 55 percent change their mind after countering negative employer branding and half of the candidates do not want to work with companies that have a bad reputation.

Changing Trends- Now the trend has changed both from the perspective of candidates and recruiters. Over the decades, even the recruitment scenario has changed. Traditional ways of recruiting incorporates newspapers ads, f2f interactions, direct meetings, etc. however, the digitalized era is a more definite and quick way of hiring better candidates in a short period. A leading recruitment services agency is using these technological advancements in the best way possible to hire skilled candidates.  

Let’s take a look at a few ways by which the recruiting agencies can mould their methods to suit the digitalized world:

Social Media Marketing– As the social media market is emerging quite rapidly, recruiters are looking for potential candidates on some of the most famous sites such as LINKEDIN, Naukri.com and other professional websites. Here, the recruiters can get an easy access to the skill set and expertise of the candidates and can then match with the job requirement that they have resulting in successful recruitment.

Creating a Brand- No matter how your organization, your product or services are, if it lacks good advertising, it won’t be able to reach the required candidate or market. A company with a better goodwill has advantage over its competitors and candidates directly search for its credentials and keep coming in after satisfactory reviews. 

Research and analysis– As we already discussed that the social platforms provide comprehensive data of every candidate, their behavior, in-depth personal assessment of the candidates. So real time assessment of candidates is quite assuring with the online tools available. Hence it proves to be quite useful for recruitment agencies when in need of quick hire.

Online interviews– In this fast moving world, recruitment agencies and candidates both could face hindrance with their shift timings hence video interviews could prove to be beneficial in such cases. The recruiter can better judge a candidate based on his presentation skills and his persona from even an overseas location.


From the above, it can be concluded that for recruitment services to survive and expand in this world, need to get digitalized, otherwise they would lag behind competitors who are fast in adapting to the latest trends.

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