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How Yoga Builds Strong Relation Between Partners?

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Yoga is one of the most ancient studies in India. The origination of yoga is dated nearly 5000 years ago. The ancient yogis wanted to dig deep into the human psyche to balance the mind, body, and soul. Yoga gives you freedom from the materialistic pleasures to take you on the path of spiritual enlightenment.

The practice of Yoga orchestrates the body with the combination of breathing patterns and Yoga asanas. The alignment of mental, physical, and spiritual state begins with the sessions of Meditation. The goal is not to empty all the thoughts of the mind, but to track down each thought and be at peace with the existing reality. Gain a higher perspective by sharpening your inner-voice, that is, intuition and wisdom. Strengthen your mind and magnify your potential with the original practices of Yoga.

In the 21st century, the attention is driven towards contemporary pleasures with the growing materialism. The mental instability has taken over the peaceful side of mostly all individuals with feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. In the modern world, the main focus should be devoted to tranquilize the mind and harmonization of the self. The one thing which connects the soul with the human body is Yoga. With spiritual elevation, make personal and professional relationships better as you gain a higher perspective to deal with situations.

Believe it or not, Yoga can make your relations better. Become calmer in your approach by erasing the negative thoughts with mental peace. You can learn how to balance your emotions, become physically fit by attending any of the yoga training. For example,enroll yourself into a prestigious 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa at any of the YTT like the yoga teacher training in Goa India, where you can explore the coasts while also enjoying your vacations.

Daily stresses in the workplace or at home can bring a huge gap in the relationships. Yoga tends to bridge this gap between the two. Partners in the modern-day need to take required steps towards making their relationship a healthy one. So, what’s better than investing your time into something that will bring tangible wellness into the lives of both? Make your life smoother and less complicated with Yoga. Indulge in the practices of Meditation and pranayama where you gain mental clarity, and composure.

When you can witness the journey of your substantial other, the efforts that they make, the comforts they stake to work the relationship is commendable. The only problem is the misunderstanding and less-communication. When you dive deep within and open up your senses, you pay attention to the little observations which you missed out on. Meditation helps you see things as they are, by not covering it up with your stubborn perceptions. Become the best version of yourself to witness the best version of your partner. The key is to practice it together!

Notice the efforts, the pain, and compromises that they have done for you. It’s your time to make your relationship a healthy one. Become relationship goals for other people to get inspired by your journey. In Yoga, when you both start to synchronize your movements and your breaths, it also generates a sensual, intimate flow that enhances your sexual energies.Couple yoga is a better way of working things out between the two of you, and it functions as a couple-therapy too.

There are a lot of yoga poses that can rise-up a positive feeling between the couples, but to begin with, we will only ask you to start with the two easy poses.

  • Assisted Backbend Pose
 Backbend Pose

This is one of the most relaxing poses that work on trust between the two partners. To perform this pose the two partners must stand with their legs apart, and comfortably resting their body weight on the ground. Their backs must be touching each other, and their hands should be stretched wide apart. They must hook their arm at their elbows so that their palms are touching each other, and their arms are crossed.

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Now, one partner must slowly stoop towards the floor while carrying the weight of the other on their back. This will stretch the chest and the arms of the partner who will be in the air. Remember to breathe in and out freely, and then switch poses.

  • Seated Cow Position
Seated Cow Position

To perform this pose, both partners must be seated in a cross-legged position facing each other. The knees must touch while seated in this pose. Then, grab each other from the forearms, and both the partners should be locked-up in this grip. Move back and forth to start the movement of rocking. It must happen in a sequence, for example, one partner should first pull the other partner towards them, and the next step would be them leaning ahead towards their partner.

Do not pull or lean too aggressively, and remember to do this while your backs are straight and you are breathing comfortably. After a few rocks back and forth; stay still in that grip, and now each person must lift their chest in the upward direction, while still being seated in the same position. Your heads may lean backward while performing the chest lift. Now, bring your chest back down, and try touching the chin to your chest while still keeping your back straight.

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