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Importance of Antivirus

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Viruses and malware represent a serious and costly threat to any cyber environment. The continually evolving nature of the threat makes guarding against them an inherently difficult task. It is because of this fact that antivirus software is indispensable for protecting both your computer but also the valuable information that resides on the platform and is frequently the target of malicious software. Antivirus software provides a bulwark against the ever-present slew of malicious programs seeking to compromise your systems.

A report has found that computers without virus protection are 5.5 times more likely to be infected by viruses than those with protection. The stark increase in risk incurred by lack of antivirus software demonstrated by this study emphasizes the importance of taking antivirus precautions as opposed to merely taking a reactive approach. The actively malicious nature of those who produce viruses necessitates taking active measures to protect computers from infection.

Antivirus software is also incredibly important from the standpoint of risk mitigation. The usage of next generation antivirus software universally within an organization can serve to effectively insulate the structure from the threat of many viruses. A study on the efficacy of antivirus software has shown it capable of blocking as much as a quarter of all malware immediately. Without adequate protective measures, a virus within a network can quickly spread within it and thereby cripple an entire company. It is because of this danger that cyber-security is a skill frequently emphasized in modern corporate environments. Next generation antivirus software can help mitigate the risk to not only your computer but your company as a whole.

A rise in so called “ransomware” attacks has made antivirus protection especially important to businesses as well as consumers. These attacks, which lock a system unless a ransom is paid, can either force businesses to give in to the demands, frequently costing a company millions, or force a purchase of brand new systems. These attacks have made headlines for costing, in some cases, hundreds of millions of dollars. Ransomware gives a strong financial basis for investing in virus protection software in order to preempt such attacks and secure systems before they become compromised.

It is because of the high threat posed by viruses that companies and end-users alike have found antivirus software indispensable in securing their systems. With hackers continually developing new and novel methods to compromise systems, it is imperative to have a strong antivirus program in order to have comprehensive cyber-security.

Preventing bad actors from accessing your data or compromising your system is a priority for companies and home users alike. A failure to protect one’s data or system could very well lead to exorbitant and unnecessary costs. There have been instances that necessitated the entire replacement of the compromised systems and cases in which data breaches have led to class action lawsuits. On this basis no company or individual can afford to be lax on their cyber-security. Maintaining an up to date, next generation antivirus is crucial to avoiding the substantial damage that malicious software is capable of causing.

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