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Improve Your Website’s Overall Performance with PSD to HTML5 Conversion

by Soft2share.com

PSD to HTML conversion is a method for creating any dynamic website that can take an organization to the next level in the digital space. If you have a website and you are serious about increasing its functionality and thereby your conversion rate, then you should look at why it’s necessary to convert from PSD to HTML5.

Why should we convert from PSD to HTML5?

HTML5 is one of the new web standards that has completely changed the way of developing and creating websites. Back then, with the PSD-based pages, you had to provide whole websites with different images, which slows down the website’s loading time and drive away the visitors. Thankfully, the process has changed now.

However, HTML5 uses CSS3 codes to eliminate pictures from the area which may not be relevant to the website. This allows you to quickly load your web pages, allowing users to get a quick and responsive experience.

And in areas where you need images, you can always use them, but it does not mean that you need to create an entire web-page in PSD image format.

You can also use videos using “tags,” meaning that you won’t need to create specifically flash-based videos. Similarly, HTML5 contains several other tags to build better web pages. And some of the redundant and obsolete tags were also discarded.

What are the benefits of converting from PSD to HTML5?

  1. Faster loading times

Since the loading speed of pages impacts search engines’ rankings, the experts can therefore ensure that your HTML5 Web site is loaded in under 3 seconds to provide a better browsing experience.

  • HTML5/CSS Valid W3C Mark-up

The company ensures that a W3C validates HTML5 and CSS to ensure you get an error-free and properly coded HTML5 website.

  • SEO Friendly and High-Quality mark-up

Since the websites are constantly evolving, companies are looking for new ways to ensure that website ranking remains to the top leading to bringing more users to the website.

  • Better CMS integration

To display CMS platform managed content, companies incorporate popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, etc., to your websites for effective management of your website.

  • Making your website compatible with all devices as well as browsers

The developers make the HTML5 website completely compliant with all computers and browsers to ensure that users with any device can access the website seamlessly.

  • Audio & video

We know how to use all content types to incorporate audio, video, and every other media in websites to increase user experience with our professional HTML developers.

  • Improved usability

Our coded HTML5 mark-up improves the website’s usability through multiple features such as 2D drawing.

What do you get when you hire a company for conversion from PSD to HTML5 of your website?

  1. Providing a project manager exclusively for your project

A project manager is assigned to you and can keep you up-to-date with the progress of the project.

  • NDA Agreement

Some companies make you sign a non-disclosure agreement before initiating a project as they ensure that the data and information of both parties remain confidential.

  • Priority development for smartphones

Developing a mobile-first website that is ready for use and provides a high-end picture and text pixel that boosts the HTML5 web site’s user interface can help accelerate your reach in the initial stages.

  • Rigorous and continuous testing for performance

Many organizations emphasize measuring the loading speed, browsing, keeping the interface intuitive, and more. This helps in increasing the conversion rate of your HTML5 website.


On that note, we can say that conversion from PSD to HTML5 is hugely beneficial as there are endless numbers of websites being launched every day. Everyone is competing for the top rankings to ensure maximum user reach. You make sure that you don’t miss out.

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