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Innovative Interface Includes a Real Time Test Data Generator

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A new approach to database design includes a dialogue panel called up by the user whenever a requirement arises to pretest a feature before actually using it. this is often accomplished by the addition of a customized table and software script that invokes a Real Time Test Data Generator correlated precisely at the acceptable feature layer.

The database and interface design also are easily adaptable to future changes when new functions alongside data table expansion are ordered for the business software. These new features become testable within the same manner because the original services were.

Besides, troubleshooting scenarios are often built into the Real Time Test Data Generator to permit for error tracking. This exposes the chance for normal maintenance tests to be conducted for greater assurance that the business entity is during a verifiable state of operation. By saving the first values of normal transactions in pre-populated data fields and using these as points of comparison, the testing procedures contain a robust reliability factor when debugging is life.

The new technology is formed possible by separating the business entity tables from the test generator tables though the utilization of XML record sets as test-scenario storage structures. Each new test-scenario is encapsulated with the tree-like the pattern of XML sub-tags. The associated software script is liberal to invoke the proper test at the acceptable point of operation because the sub-tag location identifiers were embedded in corresponding record fields at the time that the appliance was designed and developed. These XML tags are thereafter associated in such how on correlate the system structure with the functions of the system.

Real Time Test Data Generator

This kind of interface described during this article are often adapted to perform any number of latest and innovated tasks. Imagine using the test scenario generator feature as a business simulator to synthesize and analyze market EU GDPR test data, estimate profits or keep track of inventories and various costs incurred throughout the commercial enterprise .

Some other sorts of uses which may observe business sense are to determine all of the business requirement values within the XML sub-tag hierarchy and use this structure as a template for subsequent requirements validation and verification. All new and modified software entering the corporate IT network could follow these same procedures.

One final thought associated with this database and auxiliary XML approach is that the opportunity for adding additional layers of scenario testing to extend the extent of security and introduce obfuscation at several predetermined hollow layers. These additional layers of potential security could apply to both system internals and external intrusion.

These security measures by themselves could rather be well worth the cost of the software development when weighed against the reduction of business risks related to systems internals and sophisticated technologies growing more complex a day .

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