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Instagram Releases Video Capability but is it Better than Vine?

by Soft2share.com

Just as creating a video incorporates your own unique perspective, so does an assessment of Instagram vs. Vine. Both Instagram and Vine have the potential to remain powerful in the app market because they both have a unique base of followers. Just as Facebook wasn’t destroyed by Twitter, it’s highly unlikely Instagram will ever be demolished by Vine or vice versa. Vine came first and those loyal to it see Instagram as a usurper. On the flip side of that, Instagram users feel as though they’ve cornered the market on instant photo sharing, so why not videos too? There are similarities and differences between Instagram and Vine video features that truly make them their own powerful app entities.




Instagram offers many features that Vine does not. The total video length can be up to 15 seconds whereas Vine only does 6 seconds. Instagram also has a selection of 13 filters that are new and different from their well-known photograph filters. These filters are more video oriented and can enhance the feel of the mini movie. Instagram videos also feature video stability. Video stability can reduce the quality of the movie but that doesn’t seem a concern for Instagram users. Instagram allows editing of your video in progress and you can delete the last frame shot. There is no editing capability in Vine. There is a 2 second delay in Instagram before a video clip starts when you’re scrolling through the mixture of photos and videos. This has the potential to make the app perform faster than Vine which always loads the videos right away. Instagram videos tend to have more of a beginning and an end whereas Vine videos continue to loop.
Loyal Vine users insist that their favorite video clip app is far better than Instagram and that Instagram is reducing the cinematic artistry of the process. While Vine’s video clips are shorter at 6 seconds, it’s impressive what people can create to loop in those mere seconds. Many Vine users put a great deal of thought into their video creations because they have 6 seconds to catch your attention and earn an approval and/or a comment. An advantage Vine has for Twitter users is that the videos are instantly viewable in Twitter without having to click on the video link to take them to the Instagram app.

Instagram and Vine have numerous similarities. Both have buttons for sharing with Facebook and Twitter but Instagram expands beyond that with buttons for Tumblr, Foursquare and email. Both offer location options and the ability to add captions. There are no options in either app for silencing video sound within the app; this can only be done by silencing the audio on your phone. Both apps offer front and rear facing camera capabilities as well.

If you’re someone who wants pure, unfiltered, looping snippets of video then Vine is for you. Vine, like Twitter, is based on saying a lot in a short amount of time/words. Instagram is more like Facebook in that people share whatever they want in those 15 seconds even if it’s videos of their cat licking itself. You never know what’s going to come scrolling across your phone screen when you open up either app so be prepared.  The possibilities of taking and sharing videos within seconds thanks to internet plans which allow your phone to be a computer source of live video feeds/ As Instagram video capability is newer, there are still bugs being worked out so frustrating crashes can occur. Both apps provide entertainment and glimpses into the lives of those around you. It’s up to you if you like to take those glimpses in long or short spurts. No doubt Vine and Instagram will thrive off this new video clip competition.



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