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How to Minimise Internet Disruption When Moving Home?

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Moving time! It’s time to pack up and move into a new home. But don’t forget the most important utility in your life: internet service. When you get ready to move, make sure you have your internet set up beforehand so you won’t have any more frustrating problems when you’re just trying to settle in. 

You’ve got enough to worry about when moving into a new place. The last thing you need is to have to worry about your utilities. In particular, you’ll want to make sure that your internet service is set up and ready for the day you move in. 

This will not only be one less headache to deal with, but it will also make getting settled that much quicker. This article will give you steps on how to make sure your internet is set up for success when you move:

Check whether you can keep the same internet service

We might have a solution, but it’s not the same one. If you were on an nbn™ plan at your old address, make sure the same nbn™ connection is available at your new place. The nbn™ now reaches roughly half the country. But if it’s not, then you’ll need to have a chat with your ISP about what options are available to you.

It might not be free

If you’re able to keep the same moving broadband plan and the same internet service provider, you may be able to relocate for free. However, if you need to change plans or providers, it could cost you an activation fee. 

It will depend on whether you are moving to a new ISP with the same internet plan or changing your strategy and provider altogether. If you’re still under contract with your last service provider, when switching providers, you’ll likely be required to pay early termination fees. The terms of these fees are outlined in the contract you signed when signing up. They can be as high as $1,000, depending on how much time is left in the contract.

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Consider what new service you sign up to

Your following location may be short-term – just a month or two. It might be worth signing up for a month-to-month contract to avoid early termination fees on the next move. Or, take advantage of providers like Aussie Broadband, who offer month-to-month prices.

Be aware that connections might take time

When you move, you expect your electricity and gas services to work as soon as you arrive. The same is not necessarily true of your internet service. You’ll need to wait a few days if you’re on the nbn™. On the plus side, the nbn™ should be pretty seamless in most cases. There are a few exceptions, such as when installation goes wrong.

ISPs are telling customers they’ll have to wait two to 30 days for an internet connection. Some ISPs, however, may require up to 20 working days to be set up. Tell your ISP about your move as early as possible to minimize the disruption.

Do you need new equipment?

In some cases, you’ll need to get new equipment for your internet service at your new location. This is particularly true if you’re moving to an nbn™ plan from an ADSL one. Some older routers and modems are not compatible with the nbn™. Your ISP will often supply an nbn™-compatible modem router with new projects, potentially for an additional fee. There are other peripherals you’ll need to consider as well.

  • Since you can’t cancel your service before switching providers, what should you do? So, if you want to keep your phone number, make sure it’s still active when you change. 
  • If you are switching your Internet service provider, you will want to make sure that they know as soon as possible if you’re going to keep your existing phone number. If they set up a new customer number for you and then change it, it could take a considerable amount of time.


If you are moving broadband, make sure your ISP is aware and cautious of any issues that may arise. Moving can be cumbersome and disruptive on internet connections. Make sure to plan the move with your ISP to avoid any problems. The most useful redundant links are available to prevent disruptions during the transition.

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