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JioFi Router – How To Connect With Device

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The best ever selling JioFi router in India is the product from Jio. The most and high speed 4G data network, WiFi network generator pocket modem. JioFi have much more versions and models. The rate of the device is so low as compared to other products. here in this post, we are going to show you how to get connect your personal computer or mobile phone with the JioFi pocket modem.

What is JioFi Router

JioFi router is the small device to insert Jio SIM on the sim slot of the device and when turn on, it will create a small wifi network. This JioFi device can be connected up to 15 devices to get connected to the internet. The speed will be available in high speed in Jio 4G. So the JioFi device is most suitable for the small business concerns and home purpose too. There is no any speed changes while connecting the recommended number of devices with the JioFi modem.

JioFi Device Specifications

Now let’s check the Jiofi device specifications. This is a small device usually in round shape and square with round edges. The device specification is so easy.

In the device interface, there are indications for the users to know the status of signals available, signal strength, battery backup etc

On the device, there is wifi signal bar, which is as usual wifi bar. when you turn on the device, that will light up. If the signal bar is light indicates that there is good wifi network is available.

and there is signal bar is available, in which shows in three different colors on the availability of the Jio signal strength. If the signal is available in green color, indicates, good signals and the speed of the network is so high. And if there is signal on average, the signal bar is shown in blue colored. and if there is no or little signal indicates that the signal is very weak and the color is in red. in that case, we will not get the data network.

JioFi Web Admin Interface

On JioFi web admin, which can be easily accessible by login to jiofi.local.html ip address on web browser, just connecting with device. We will get guide you to customize web dashboard below.

Connect JioFi with Computer, tablet pc, and smartphones

In this section we are going to learn how to connect JioFi device with the personal computer, smartphones, tablet pc etc. It is very simple to connect with the devices.

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Step 1: Take a Jio sim card with one data offer recharged, and then remove the JioFi device battery. Now you can see two slots there, one id to insert the JIo SIM and other slot is to insert the JIo SIM. Just insert the sim card properly. Before you putting the battery, you need to note two things from there. The SSID and password. Just not it.

Now insert the battery and turn on the device by long press on the power button that you can see in the jiofi device.

Then you need to turn on the wifi on your device to be connected. The device will get identify the available network, and you need to connect with them, and find the device name, which means the SSID you have noted from the device. when it shows, just select the SSID and click on connect button.

when connect, there will be you need to enter the security key aka password, and enter the noted password on the box and get connect.

JioFi Admin

dYou can get connect with the device and customize the JIoFi admin area to create a small wifi network for your office, or business. For this, if you need to change jioFi local html password and username, you need to connect Via a web browser. on the web address bar, you need to give the default ip address for the Jiofi called http://jiofi.local.html, and the go to the page. Make sure you need to get connect computer or mobile browser with the JIoFi modem. when you go to the address, you will get the Jiofi admin page. Now you can edit and hit apply changes for changing the configuration.

How To Make Your Home smarter With The Router

There are a lot of best smart home devices are available such as Firestick device, Amazon Alexa, etc. Now you can make use of this Jiofi router to make your home smarter along with the WiFi network powered by the JioFi device. Just use the JioFi device to generate WiFi for your Amazon Alexa to make your life easy, because Alexa will not work without WiFi. Thus providing a high-speed wifi network, you Just simply say commands, and let Alexa do it for you. Get the exclusive Tips on smart home ideas from Bestsmarthomeart.com.


Not only these benefits, but even you can use the 2G and 3G smartphones with the features of 4G VoLTE smartphone just with the help of the JioFi router and JioCall app installed on your device. That’s why i said the multi usage device is this one. JioFi router at very affordable price.

Resources:- https://jio4gvoiceapk.in/jiofi-local-html/

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