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Job Searching Tips for Android Developers

by Soft2share.com

When seeking employment, there aremany ways you can tailor your job search based on your field of expertise. If you are a developer for the Android platform, here are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of placement:

1. Revise your resume. Take a good look at your resume and make sure it contains key words and phrases specific to the Android development market, such as “Java programming,” “knowledge of the mobile app marketplace,” and “experience developing and publishing applications.” Be certain it also demonstrates your knowledge of the Android open source ecosystem. Remember, while you are out looking for jobs, employers are out looking for new developers with the help of executive search firms and high tech recruiters. Using the right words increases your visibility.
2. Use an executive search firm.Executive search firms understand the needs of top companies and the unique skillsets of candidates, and specialize in bridging the most compatible connections between the two. They have their finger on the pulse of the rapidly-growing technology market, working closely with emerging and high growth startups and technology companies alike.
3. Think beyond development. If you have experience publishing and distributing applications, make this clear both in your resume and while networking. Explain to the company and/or technology recruiter how you can assist in publishing an application, optimizing it so it shows up in targeted searches, and helping to keep ratings high by managing customer feedback.Your ability to follow through beyond the development phase demonstrates your value and may set you apart from any competition.
4. Join communities on Google+. One of the best ways to job hunt is via networking, and with so many social media options, it’s easy to do this online. But where should you start? While Google+ may not be the number one social networking site, it happens to be an excellent resource for Android developers. Two communities worth joining on Google+ are Android Dev Community and Android Designers. You’ll be able to connect with other Android developers as well as high-tech recruiters.
5. Talk “jank.” You already know that there are several different screen sizes and dimensions of Android devices which a developer needs to take into account when building an application. Failure to address these dimensions properly leads to “jank,” the speed bumps and hiccups that prevent an app from running smoothly. When speaking with a potential employer, don’t shy away from jank. In what ways can you help prevent it? How have you done so in the past? Acknowledging the issue and discussing how you would handle it displays both confidence and expertise.
Author Bio: Amish Shah has worked in the recruiting industry for more than 18 years. Mr. Shah’s expertise in the recruiting industry has been cited in NY Times, LA Times, Thestreet.com, and other popular news resources. He currently presides over Millennium Search, the premier executive search firm for emerging and high growth technology companies.

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