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Job Searching Tips for IOS Developers

by Soft2share.com

Many people claim to be an IOS developer, and the plethora of resources on the web makes it convenient to dabble in the field. If you are a serious IOS developer looking for employment, here are a few tips to help you set yourself apart from the competition:

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  1. Build a strong resume. Revise your resume so that it contains key words and phrases specific to the IOS development market, such as “strong knowledge of Objective-C coding,” “background in software development,” and “proficiency in the IOS SDK.” Utilize the summary portion at the top of your resume to include these keywords and phrases as well to boost optimization. You’ll increase your visibility and hopefully generate interest to potential employers. Use software to make a resume, it will significantly speed up the process.
  2. Enlist a High-Tech Recruiter. Many top companies hire technology recruiters to perform retained searches and contingency searches in order to locate the best developers for specific jobs. Hooking up with one of these recruiters not only helps with networking, but also guarantees there are extra sets of eyes out there with incentive to land you a job.
  3. Narrow your search. Knowing where you stand as an IOS developer will help you zero in on the best jobs for you. Ask yourself what your motives and strengths are, and use the answers to tailor your search accordingly. Do you enjoy creating unique apps that will be used for entertainment? Or is your expertise in creating branded applications for existing companies? Specifics such as these will help recruiters find you a role which suits you best.
  4. Show your passion while networking.These days there’s an app for everything, and talented developers are emerging constantly. But no amount of knowledge can take the place of passion, so if you secure an interview or are simply networking, don’t be afraid to let yours shine through. If there’s one thing the Apple community is drawn to, it’s innovation driven by passion.
  5. Create a website for yourself. Searching and applying for jobs online is great, as well as enlisting a recruiter, but take things one step further and create a web page. Just like your resume, your page should have strong optimization. Things worth highlighting are: apps you have worked on that have been published; if you have been through the Apple approval process and have firsthand experience publishing applications; and your background in development. Mentioning these details could make you stand out from other developers. Even better if you have a blog on your site where you engage with other developers and discuss topics which illustrate your understanding of the market. The fresh content will boost your site’s SEO and also shows employers your passion for the topic. And while technical know-how is great, don’t forget to let your personality come through. Letting employers in on who you are as a person generates interest and allows you to stand out amongst other candidates.

Author Bio: Amish Shah has worked in the recruiting industry for more than 18 years. Mr. Shah’s expertise in the recruiting industry has been cited in NY Times, LA Times, Thestreet.com, and other popular news resources. He currently presides over Millennium Search, the premier executive search firm for emerging and high growth technology companies.

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