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John Deere Golf Course Equipment: 3 Types of Mowers For Sale

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John Deere is one of the leading manufacturers of specialized equipment for golf and sports turf maintenance. Today, almost all corners of the world have John Deere golf course equipment for sale. However, a wide range of tools may confuse buyers, especially who are new to the industry. Learn types of golf course maintenance equipment by the brand and figure out what to buy next.

For over 180 years, John Deere has been serving customers from fields like agriculture, construction, landscaping & ground care, lawn & garden, forestry and more. The company’s dedication to innovation and technology has garnered global clients from one sector: Golf.

John Deere manufactures a wide range of golf course maintenance equipment. Some of them are ideal to use for all sizes of golf courses, while others are made especially for large areas. 

John Deere Mowers

Behind a perfectly trimmed golf course, there is a mower behind it. The modern market has different types of John Deere golf course mowers to get the precise grass cut. For example, reel mowers feature horizontal helical blades to cut the grass like a scissor. On the other hand, rotary mowers come with rotary blades that help trim the grass from upward. 

John Deere manufactures mowers for unique results. The mowers include:

  1. Fairway Mowers

These are lower horsepower mowers that help achieve superior cut quality with password-protected tech control. John Deere offers these mowers in two versions: the PrecisionCut with eHydro™ hydrostatic pumps and E-Cut™ with electric reel motors. 

These John Deere mowers are equipped with an advanced auto pedal system that provide comfort to the operator and precise control of the engine. Some other features include:

    • TechControl for quick diagnostics
    • Easy-to-adjust cutting units
  • Hydraulic internal wet disc brakes
  1. Riding Greens Mowers

Advertised as The Next Generation of Triplex Mowers, the riding green mowers provide a great balance between precision mowing and durability. 

The mowers have an innovative hook design to get a precise cut. It’s a 3-axis design that cuts grass to give golf courses that look surprisingly flat. Some other exciting features of the mower include:

    • Same cut quality
    • TechControl 
  • Premium Contour Following
  • Rough Trim and Surround Mowers

Living true to their names, the rough trim and surround mowers are ideal machines for rough areas. From trimming large areas to getting a same-quality cut, these John Deere mowers are perfect for rough surrounds. 

Like other modern-day John Deere mowers, the rough trim and surround mowers are also equipped with TechControl™ Display for more control of the rower. Other features include:

    • Superior cut quality
    • Password-protected TechControl display
  • AutoPedal™ system

How To Buy John Deere Golf Course Mowers at A Low Price

If the high prices of John Deere mowers are a problem, then getting used turf equipment is the solution. Find a reliable dealer to get quality, useful, and thorough-inspected mowers to maintain your golf course. Invest in the best mowers and have a well-maintained course for a great game.

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