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Join the Exam and Win Prizes!

by Soft2share.com

Dear players,

We’re excited to announce the “GearUP Console Booster Test” campaign, that is available to all console gamers. By testing and supplying feedback on the boosters, you will have a opportunity to win great prizes!

When does it start?


22 Feb to five March


Who are able to join?


All console gamers


Exactly what do you receive?


(1) 30 feedback submitters is going to be at random selected to win a $10 gift certificate (Nintendo, Amazon . com, Ps, or Xbox).


(2) In the finish from the campaign, 10 users will at random draw $50 vouchers through 3 or even more feedback.


(3) There’s no-limit towards the prize and could be accrued.


What must you do?

(1) Install GearUP Console Booster from your official website or look for “GearUP Console Booster” on the internet Play or Apple Store.


(2) Play any game you want and record the ping pre and post while using best game booster for android.


(3) Submit feedback based on the template.


(4) You can look at other games to obtain more gift certificates.


Exactly what is a feedback template?


(1) Connection method   company   device model   game mode   problem description (the greater detailed the greater)   screenshot (for acceleration problems, provide “before acceleration” and “after acceleration” screenshots)


Example 1: Wired (switch)   Vodafone   switch OLED   FIFA – FUT. I take part in the game upon us servers in Mexico. Before acceleration, the ping was 100, but after while using booster, it elevated to 150, leading to negative optimization. Listed here are the screenshots: Pre and post Acceleration.

(2) For games that don’t show lag, we advise recording a 30-second video for every stage.


Every other questions?


(1) Should you encounter any issues during testing, come along on Discord for direct assistance! or


(2) You are able to reply to this ad: gearupserve@gmail.com


Come along today and experience the strength of GearUP Console Booster!


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