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Kashmir Great Lakes Trek: The Unmatched Beauty Destination

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The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek opens you to the greatness of Kashmir. There are seven stunning lakes incorporated into the trek. Every lake acquaints you with the ceaseless excellence of the nature, as the lavish green glades turn into the pathway you stroll on. Exhibit at a stature of 4191 meters, Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is loaded with the perspectives of snow-topped mountains. The trek faces poor network issues, as Kashmir Great Lakes Trek takes you nearer to nature and more distant far from the popularized world.

Sonamarg: the Purity of Kashmir

It is a standout amongst the most prevalent places in Kashmir. Known for its excellent scenes, Goliath Mountains and wonderful greenery, Sonamarg is a place worth seeing. Because of the nearness of a few inns and eateries, Sonamarg turns into an agreeable place for Travelers. The individuals who need to appreciate the magnificence of Kashmir without bargaining on fundamental necessities can remain in Sonamarg.

Naranag: Another Beautiful Destination

Another town in Kashmir’s Ganderbal region is Naranag. Still generally obscure, Naranag is the home to the excellent Wangath waterway. Naranag likewise turns into a looked for after place amid the winters by the experience fans when the slopes of Naranag covers with snow. It turns into a skiing paradise for the enterprise searchers- another beauty of Kashmir Great Lake Trek

Shitkadi: The Little town of untouched perspective

A little, obscure town in Kashmir is known by the name of Shitkadi. Favored with unmatchable magnificence and beguiling perspectives, Shitkadi can catch every one of your faculties and inundate you into common excellence. It is difficult to achieve Shitkadi, and that is the reason it has remained moderately unexplored.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Difficulty

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is a direct level trek which requires some level of wellness and build to defeat the impediments gave by this trek. It takes around seven days to finish this trek. Warm garments, trekking stick and other essential necessities are required amid this trek, as there are visit climbs and plummets in the trip. Mountain affliction is another real issue amid the trek.

The Exclusive “What to do” in This Trek

  • Kashmir Great Lakes Trek starts from Sonamarg. You will discover a considerable measure of eating places in Sonamarg, and the climate of this place is quite agreeable too. As you move towards Shekdur, the landscape begins evolving. Knolls begin unfurling themselves, as the sky-contacting mountain tops encompass you. There is no indication of commercialization on your way. When you achieve Nichnai, a completely clear stream turns into your friend.
  • The exquisite Krishansar lake is 3710 meters above ocean level. Vishansar is another stunning lake in your trek. It is encompassed by huge mountains from every one of the sides, as the profound lake is settled in the lap of the valley.
  • The trek acquaints you with ravishing maple trees, across the board greenery and immaculate common magnificence. There are not very many treks which can give you the sort of peacefulness and serenity that Kashmir Great Lakes Trek
  • Ahead on the list lies Satsar which is shaped by seven small lakes. Twin Lakes by the name of Gangabal and Nundkol will likewise make their essence known in the trek because of the dazzling vistas that exist around these lakes. As you’d move towards Naranag town, you’ll experience shining ice sheets in the entirety of their crude brilliance.

So these are few of the beauties you will be in direct contact with if you opt for the Great Kashmir Lake trek– explore the best you can!

The Climate to Embrace

The best time to begin the Kashmir Great Lakes Trekking is from June till the early September. The temperature stays direct all through the trek, as the normal temperature can extend from 15 to 20 degree Celsius. In the evening, the temperature can fall as low as 5 degree Celsius, which makes it challenging yet peaceful to explore.

Does it excites you enough to take this trek? Well that’s the beauty of this trek!

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And yes, never let the trekker in you die!

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