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Keeping Kids Entertained in the Car While on Long Summer Car Trips

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Most moms know how to keep their children and their family entertained, but there is just something about long car trips that can allow boredom to set in. Taking a little bit of time to plan ahead can result in fun activities for the kids and the adults in the car to help pass the time driving to your summer vacation destination. Many families like to reserve a Budget Rent a Car, so be sure that the activities you design are not specific to your own car.

Family going for a long drive with luggage strapped to the roof of the car.

Family going for a long drive with luggage strapped to the roof of the car.

Even though new technology means that portable DVD players, tablets, and smartphones can keep kids occupied for hours and hours, there is something about summer car trips and family vacations that better lend themselves to some old fashioned car games and time spent together as a family instead of burying heads into technology.

Map Out Your Trip

The first order of business is to eliminate the worst car question in the world: “Are we there yet?” Map out your trip and have something visual so that everyone can see your progress. If it is a particularly long trip, then separate it into smaller sections or legs of the trip, and set up a reward for each person when each leg is completed with good behavior. The reward can be a surprise gift or special snack. Speaking of snacks, make sure that ample snacks and drinks are available for everyone. Drinks are especially important in the summer so that no one becomes dehydrated.

Game Choices

Everyone has favorite car games. Have each family member choose their favorite game ahead of time and then draw straws to see what order you will play the games. Reverse the order on the way back so that everyone gets a fair shake. Some fun car games include car bingo, I Spy, and word association games. Other car activities can include crossing out all the locations you visited. Portable mini board games are fun ways for family bonding while on the car ride. Magnets are a great travel resource; you can give each child a metal clip board and then have magnetized crayons, note pads, puzzle pieces and more. This will eliminate mess and frustrations since everything will not be sliding all over the place and falling on the floor of the car. Do not forget to return your Budget Car Hire  in good condition, so that last game can be “everyone picks up something in the car”. Maybe not the most fun game, but if everyone shares in the work load, that is only fair.

Crafts and Coloring

Car rides may not lend themselves to much crafting or coloring, however this neat idea is worth mentioning. If you make a portable craft kit for each child, it is a wonderful vacation gift where each child can document their own vacation experience with their individual art work. Include crayons, markers, a glue stick and some craft items that are neatly stored in a zip lock bag. It does not all have to be done in the car, but they can take notes and write down some of their favorite places they have seen while in the car. When your trip is all said and done, you can incorporate your children’s crafts and designs into a wonderful vacation scrap book along with your pictures and any other souvenirs you want to add to collect all the memories and document your family vacation

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