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Know About Tops Bob 154cm Knife Review

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The Fieldcraft blade is 3 / 16 “thick and made of 1095 carbon steel. The blade is a modified Scandinavian cut for effective carving, skinning and other general woodwork. The knife is ten inches long with a total blade length of four and a half inches. This makes a very compact and usable knife.

The Top Bob 154cm is a great little 154cm knife. Let’s take a look at the specifications of the knife. The total length of the Tip Bob blade scale is 154 cm.

The blade is 4.3 inches away from the actual cutting edge, so you won’t be able to span much. I am glad that the knife has a drop to sharpen the sweat. This knife will have to endure some harsh abuse, especially if it is beaten with batons.

With this in mind, Top Knives has announced the launch of a new stainless steel fieldcraft knife. Brothers Bushcraft Bob and Fieldcraft Fixed Blade Designs are tried and true in the survival community, to the point that they offer the Top Knife Signature $1,095 High Carbon Steel. Top knives have long been recognized as the place to get high-quality stainless steel.

Top Bob 154cm Knife Test We review one of the best-selling knives out there, the Fixed Blade Knife. Let us take a closer look at this knife. It will help if you go with a more prominent brand. Since this is the Top Brothers Bushcraft knife model, we have decided to review it today.

The greatest little feature they offer you with the Top Knife is the Bob 154cm. I took out the tender to see if the magnesium rod on it would trigger a small spark on the notch on the back of the bob. An effortless iron bar is something top gives you.

I started to cheer it up and use it as a bearing block for my bow drill. I have used knives in the past where the handle would twist if you used it, but this baton is rock solid. As I have already mentioned, I have broken wood with it. Of course, the thickness of the split wood determines the length of the blade, so when collecting wood you want to cut with a knife, remember this. It is robust and easy to divide.

If you are one of my older readers, you know that I love the BK-2. Recently, however, I found an alternative knife that I like a bit more. It is conceived as a survival knife for the incipient forest worker, brother of the bushcraft.

The only area in which it excels is weathering. I have used it to grind spindles, fireboards and pieces of firewood, and it works really well. I also carve spoons and have not been disappointed by his performance.

Built with iron rod attachment points, this case serves as a minimalist survival kit. It is a robust and durable Kydex with steel belt clips. This arrangement enables a safe, secure and comfortable carrying strap or packing strap.

We provide objective and authentic information about buying Top Bob. We use AI and big data to proofread the information. We do this by using a custom selection algorithm that allows us to manifest a top-10 list of the best available top bobs on the market.

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