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For any contractor, handyman, or even do-it-yourselfer, knowing the difference between the types of snake cables is critical to your success on the job. Choosing the wrong tool for the job is not only a waste of time and money, but it can even further damage your client’s pipes and cause all manner of needless headaches. So when you pick your new sewer snake cables, you first need to know that you are choosing something durable and at the right price, but more importantly, you need to make sure that you have chosen the correct type of cable. No two jobs are exactly the same and your knowledge of your tools is critical in assessing each situation and how you will approach it to get your work done well while being fast and cost-effective.

3/4" x 120' industrial hollow core drain snake for cleaning mainline drains up to 10" in diameter.

Sewer snake cables come in a variety of types. A manual cable drain snake is the most simple of these. They usually have a corkscrew shape to them and they are simple devices a plumber or handyman can turn into a clogged pipe and use to quickly break up a clog. This type of tool is easy to operate and anyone with the right inclination can quickly learn how to use it properly. It can be a great tool as a next step when a simple plunger will not work.

Next, a flat tape snake cable is the perfect tool to use when you have very small pipes. It is light and flexible and is sometimes used not to break up a clog, but to push it through to a place where it will not cause problems. With a flat tape snake cable, the name of the game is flexibility over strength and this tool is also easy to learn how to operate.

But for tougher clogs, a power snake cable might be the right tool for the job. These cables operate similarly to manual ones, however they are powered by a motor that moves the snake through to the clog with much more force behind it. This tool is very standard for plumbers and any professional is highly trained in its use. But within this category, there are additional types. A no-core or hollow core drain snake is a lightweight drain snake cable that allows greater flexibility while sacrificing strength. This is perfect for smaller plumbing systems such as residential areas where getting in the twists and turns is more important than power. An inner-core drain snake is similar except it uses a solid core to add more torque to the cable and can break up larger clogs quickly and easily.

At Duracable, we pride ourselves on our expertise and years of experience. When it comes to finding you the right tool for the job, feel free to ask us anything about our products. Our mission is to connect you with the right equipment so you can get back to work confident you will get the job done right. Visit us online to get started.

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