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Lenovo K3 Note vs Lenovo A7000 – Let’s Battle it Out!

by Soft2share.com

Lenovo has recently been coming out with some really awesome smartphones that trigger our “buy” genes and make us participate in those crazy flash sales again and again. Two such devices are A7000 and K3 Note. Both devices belong to the same price segment with a mere difference in their prices, and both are offer so much value for money that deciding on either of them may become a tough choice for buyer. Lenovo might not’ve wanted it, but actually both of these device end up competing not just with rival offerings but also with each other.

Lenovo K3 Note vs Lenovo A7000

We try to compare both these offerings in our comparison given below and in the end we try to present a balanced conclusion based on our comparison. Let’s get down to the real things:


Whille both smartphones are packed with enough performance power for day-to-day things, K3 Note is a bit more powerful in this regard. It comes with 1.7GHz Octa-Core processor in comparison to A7000’s 1.5GHz chipset. RAM remains same 2GB in both smartphones, but K3 Note performs 13% faster than A7000, thanks to its slightly more powerful processor.


If build quality is compared, you won’t find any major difference in both devices. I’d like to say that design and build quality of both devices is par excellence and you can choose either of them without having any qualms.


Both devices have same 5.5-inches large displays. However, its display is richer than that of its older sibling in terms of pixels. K3 Note comes with Full-HD display (1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolution) while A7000 comes with HD display (1,280 x 720 pixels resolution). Viewing angles of Note are also better than the angles of A7000. Pixels decide the winner here, and K3 Note emerges as a better choice.


K3 Note is blessed with a 13MP primary shooter, while A7000 has got an 8MP primary shooter. K3 Note is also capable of capturing 1,080p videos, something that just can’t be done in A7000. Secondary cameras of both devices are 5MP shooters. The latest thing from Lenovo (K3 Note) surpasses the earlier thing in this department too!


Note has got internal storage that’s double of its predecessor. K3 Note comes with 16GB of internal storage, while A7000 comes with  8GB of internal storage. Expandable storage offered by both devices is same at 32GB.


Abigger device also requires bigger battery. However, that bigger battery may not necessarily mean more standby time or talk time depending on how bigger it actually is. Something similar has happened with K3 Note as well. Since processor was more powerful and diplay was Full-HD, Lenovo powered this device with a 3,000 mAh battery. However, those 3,000 mAh don’t provide more standby time or talk time than slightly lesser 2,900 mAh of A7000 because there’s no considerablle difference between the two. The additional 100 mAh added to Note just make up for the lack of battery life that would’ve took place with a 2,900 mAh battery. Looking at this thing I would like to declare a tie in this department.


Before arriving at any conclusion let’s take a look at price tags of both devices. While A7000 is being sold for Rs. 8,999 on Flipkart, its younger sibling K3 Note is costing only 1000 bucks more at Rs. 9,999. If you can buy A7000, why don’t you spend an additional 1000 INR and get more processing power, full-HD display and a considerably better camera? In my opinion K3 Note offers most value for money as of now in the budget segment. I highly recommend it above any other offering.

This article has been contributed by Pavan. He loves writing about latest tech updates and you can follow his blog at DigitBrunch.

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