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Linux MySQL or SEO which job is better and has a good future

by Soft2share.com

Have you completed your degree and are wondering what to do next? No worry this is a common problem faced by most people but this is the best part of your life. This is because the decision you made here will be your identity and a foundation for your career path. In this case, there are two different fields like Linux MySQL and SEO. Both are well developing and have many career opportunities.

And to which is best among these two is quite complex to answer. It completely depends on your own choice. If you are strong enough to work on the programming field then you can choose Linux MySQL. If you are tired of programming and need something equally beneficial then you can choose SEO. It is better to sit and analyze before determining your preference.


If you have chosen SEO then it is a great option to work on. It offers you many career opportunities like a local SEO expert, Social media analyst, link building, etc. But there is always heavy competition in all the developing fields, same here in SEO too.

But there would always be a solution to all problems. Likewise, by following these things you can also be in a standard.

  • You should understand how the search engines work
  • Know well about the concepts of basic search engine marketing
  • Know the exact meaning of SEO
  • Make the right choice of SEO training
  • Stay updated about the changes in SEO
  • Select the right SEO tools
  • Don’t be more theoretical, often practice SEO
  • Try to demonstrate your SEO expertise
  • Maintain patience
  • Try to follow maximum leads of the established experts in SEO

Linux MySQL

If you have preferred the field of Linux MySQL then you would be a great programmer who is ready to work on it. There are lots of career opportunities available in the field of Linux MySQL like backend web developer, PHP developer, senior wordpress developer, etc. You can choose according to your qualification and interest.

But is your common knowledge sufficient to grab opportunities in this competitive field? Here are some other possibilities which can enhance your value in this field.

  • The first and foremost thing is to profile your workload
  • Better understand the four fundamental resources
  • Never use MySQL as a queue
  • Filter the results by cheapest first
  • Know well about the two scalability death traps
  • Don’t stress so much on the configuration
  • Look out for pagination queries
  • Save the statistics and stay alert reluctantly
  • Know the three rules of indexing
  • Follow the expertise of your peers

Bottom line

You have seen most of the things about both the concepts of Linux MySQL and SEO, now you would have some knowledge about career opportunities and the standards to develop to grab the opportunity. Finally, to answer which is best among these is quite hard. It entirely depends on you and your knowledge. To have better clarification, you can analyze yourself and your heart would answer your questions.

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