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Looking for RV supplies?

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With summer upon us, now is the time to hop into your RVs and head out on the road. However, before leaving your full-time home behind for some part-time fun, it’s important to make sure you have all of the necessary essentials. Here are five categories to help you fill the space when it comes to RV traveling:


Kitchen Essentials

What’s one of the perks of traveling in an RV? Your very own kitchen. However, just because you have a kitchen doesn’t mean you’ll have all of the RV kitchen supplies you’ll need to cook in your very own road-home kitchen. So, first things first. What do you need to cook? Think about what you’ll most likely be cooking while on the road and start making a list of the essentials. Pots and pans, storage bowls, perhaps a slow cooker. Anything you’ll need to actually cook your meals with is priority. Next, you’ll want to buy some plates and cups, glasses, silverware. No need to stock up on a whole set, a few of each will work depending on how many guests you plan on having or how many people will be traveling in the RV.

Cleaning Essentials

Another thing that should be included in essential Rv Supplies is cleaning products. Now, this could be something like a portable countertop dishwasher to help make cleaning up after meals easy. On a more practical note, you’ll want to prep your RV with kitchen cleaning supplies, bathroom cleaning supplies, disinfectant sprays, mops or brooms, sponges, trash bags, and anything else you might need to keep your RV clean and in good living conditions.

Safety/First Aid

One of the most important things to always have with you in an RV, car, tent, or however you plan on traveling/living is safety and first aid kits. The last thing you want is to be out in the middle of the desert or out in the mountains and realize, after hurting yourself, that you don’t have the proper supplies to keep your wound clean and disinfected. With a basic first aid kit, you’ll have everything you need to clean a wound and keep it covered in order to minimize infection and bleeding. You should also be sure to have extra flashlights and batteries, a battery-powered radio, and a small kitchen fire extinguisher in case of an emergency and the lights go out or a small fire starts.

Comfort Essentials

Something that is less important in an emergency, but still important enough to include on this list for a comfortable, relaxing, and fun road trip in your RV is comfort essentials. Toilet paper and tissues for the bathroom (that are also designed for septic tanks to avoid clogging), bedding (sheets, pillows, pillow cases, blankets), washcloths and towels, and soap are all important to ensure your trip continues to run smoothly the way that you envisioned it. You may even want to include some electronics in this category like DVDs to keep the kids occupied or to give you a nice, relaxing night to veg out with.


Finally, some things to keep in mind and to keep handy: duct tape, RV extension cord, chargers, jumper cables, power strips, outdoor living equipment, tool kit. Anything that comes to mind to make you feel safe and comfortable while traveling on the road is always good to add to the list.

Suggestion: Start an ongoing list of essentials you might need a month before heading out on the road to avoid any unwanted situations.

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