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Make the 2013 MLS All-Star Game Your Summer Highlight!

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The sport of soccer is huge in many European countries, but enthusiasts often grumble that it hasn’t yet reached the same level of popularity in the United States. Because of that, there are fewer opportunities for some American fans to see live matches. However, the MLS All-Star Game offers a chance for soccer aficionados to admire the skills of players who hail both from home and abroad.


What to Expect This Year

 It’s an annual event, and the 2013 group of American athletes will take to the field alongside Italian team A.S. Roma. According to the MLSSoccer.com website, this pairing will mark the first time an Italian team has been invited to play in the MLS All-Star Game. Players for the American roster have not yet been determined, but slots will be awarded through a combination of decisions from the team manager and league commissioner, plus votes from fans.

Through the years, the event has been held in a variety of locations in several states. The 2013 match will take place in Kansas City, Kansas, at the Sporting Park, on the last day of July. Since the inaugural event in 1996, the competition has attracted notice from fans and media outlets alike, and this year should be no different.

It also depends on sponsorship. Although this year’s main backer is AT&T, future opportunities could be open to all types of companies ranging from Maxwell Systems (a construction software company) to Gap Clothing. Tickets are on sale now, so dedicated fans everywhere can start making plans. Join them today and search for tickets online, and they’ll be shipped directly to your doorstep.

A Multi-Day Event

 An article about the event published in the Kansas City Star stated how event officials used YouTube to host a news conference about the game. It also said the match would be televised on ESPN. However, it actually spans across three full days, with the highlight being the A.S. Roma match. Whether you’re a diehard fan of soccer or just indulging a mild curiosity, it’s impossible to enjoy the full energy of the game by watching it on TV.

Since the beginning, the MLS All-Star games have been held in the summer months. This makes it easy for people to plan sports-related vacations, particularly if they’re trying to do something that doesn’t interfere with traditional grade school or university schedules. By simply logging online, you could build a vacation itinerary by first purchasing tickets through the Internet, and then booking a room at a hotel that’s near the stadium.

Many people depend on summertime events to give them an excuse to relax and live a little. Reward yourself with a break from the daily grind and experience the thrills as an American team comes face to face with top-notch Italian athletes. It’s possible when you attend this year’s MLS All-Star game!

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