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Make the Most of Those Morning Meetings with Breakfast Catering from Waterfront Gourmet

by Soft2share.com

Those early morning meetings are just impossible. You know the kind of scene that we’re talking about. It’s a quarter after 9, and you’ve got a crew of cranky co-workers crammed together in a stuffy conference room. This is the annual sales seminar that everyone despises and the displeasure is obvious – there are scowls and sighs and everyone seems to be stressed out and in a bad mood. To say that morale is low would be the biggest understatement ever.

What have you provided to get this meeting going? Carafes of stale break room coffee and a few boxes of cheap corner store muffins? Meh. This isn’t the way to get things done and it definitely isn’t going to encourage anyone to be enthusiastic about discussing corporate strategy and plans for increasing sales and bringing in business. So don’t let your conferences be this way.

Want to create a ready and productive team?

You need breakfast catering from Waterfront Gourmet. When you bring out a spread of breakfast sandwiches that includes our delicious gourmet burritos, paninis, bagels and sandwiches that are crafted carefully and lovingly and loaded and layered with hearty portions of cheddar cheese, bacon, ham, or sausage, no one can refuse. And really, who can remain grumpy when there are cases of our illy coffee to take care of those coffee cravings?

You’ll know the answer to that question when you look around the room and see your staff happily munching on tasty treats and watching raptly as you share your charts and spreadsheets. When they’ve gotten their coffee and snack fix, they’re going to be extra attentive so that the meeting gets done and over without any complaints or fuss. That’s what you want when it comes to a well functioning and profitable business.

You see, what you’ll soon discover is that Waterfront Gourmet breakfast catering is the solution to those morning meeting doldrums because everyone adores and can’t help but be energized by a delicious, hearty, nutritious and healthy breakfast. Sure, this might be classified as food bribery, but you know that your PowerPoint presentations just can’t do it alone.

That’s why you need to sweeten up this meeting even more with some of Waterfront Gourmet’s deliciously decadent desserts. Choose from our incredible selection of creamy, rich pastries and keep this meeting on a high and tantalizingly sweet note. The gang will definitely gather around our treat trays. Why wouldn’t they? We pile our dessert tray high with everything they love including a delicious array of cookies, cupcakes, chocolate dipped pretzels, and brownies.

With breakfast catering from Waterfront Gourmet, this budget meeting will go down in company history as the best ever, and memories of the feast will have your crew looking forward to the next conference. That’s why you have to keep our catering menu around for every event or occasion because you want your staff excited for the next meeting. Even if there aren’t plans to have that seminar or conference in your building, but, instead, in another location in the city, you can still have Waterfront Gourmet do the catering. That’s because there’s a Waterfront Gourmet nearby that can take care of your breakfast catering needs.

Just contact the Waterfront Gourmet nearest your conference or seminar – you can find us in University City, Dilworth Plaza, Roberts Center, and Penn’s Landing – and we will create the best meeting meal around. What’s more, we offer complimentary delivery or you can come in and pick up, whatever is most convenient for you. We just want to make sure your meeting, party, or other occasion is awesome, so contact us today!

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