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Managing your Outsourced Sales Force

by Soft2share.com

In today’s world, it is not uncommon for businesses to lack the resources necessary to expand their sales force for face-to-face marketing. Because of this, many growing companies are turning to sales outsourcing as a means of reaching out to new customers and becoming more successful. But how can you be certain that your outsourced sales team is worth the investment? By adhering to these simple tips, you can manage your third-party sales force with confidence and ease.

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Lead by Example
Sales outsourcing can only work successfully when your face-to-face marketing company is able to accurately represent your brand. As an extension of your business, the professionals employed by your outsource company will act as your ambassadors, working to reach new clients with your message and compel them to make a buying decision. Although a qualified salesperson may be able to closes deals, your new customers will only remain loyal to you if they feel that your products or services are living up to their expectations, based upon the information that was given to them by sales. You must clearly lead and direct your outsourced sales team in such a way that the culture of your company will remain preserved at all times.

Constant Communication
Simply entrusting your outsourced sales force to reach out to new customers without keeping the lines of communication open would be insane. It’s imperative that you take the time to speak with your account manager and/or sales representatives at regular intervals. During these conversations you will have the ability to discuss the progress that is being made, any challenges, changes to the sales plan, or ideas for improving success rates.

Evaluate and Measure Success
In sales outsourcing, your partner company should provide you with clear, measurable results. Sales methods should constantly be evaluated, both by your account manager and yourself, to ensure that goals are being met. You should be able to easily see whether or not the efforts of your outsourced sales team are meeting your expectations for growth and success. Should it be determined that a particular program or method is not providing you with the results that you require, a new plan should be formulated to improve sales.

Always Push for More
Good can always be better, and better can always be best; this should be your philosophy, as well as the belief of your outsourced sales team. Never allow yourself to be satisfied with complacency in sales outsourcing. Even if you have seen a significant increase in your sales, that does not give you a reason to become lax with the management of your face-to-face marketing representatives. Regardless of how well your outsource team is performing, you should continue to stay on top of them, pushing for even greater results and higher levels of success than ever before. This is the mark of a truly professional business.

Insist on Integrity
The worst thing that you could do is allow your outsourced sales partner to operate a way that is not reflective of your company’s sense of pride and integrity. When meeting with your prospective clients, these individuals will act as a representation of your company, and they must meet your standards. Rude, pushy, or overly aggressive sales people who are willing to do anything to close a deal will only end up putting off your customers in the end. For sales outsourcing to work, you must insist that your sales team adheres to the same model of professionalism that you require of yourself and your employees so as to preserve the trust, loyalty, and integrity of your brand and company image.


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