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Managing Your Social Media Account – The Only Tips You’ll Need!

by Soft2share.com

Create Tata. The only advice you need! Easily manage your social media accounts with the index card system. Whether you run your own account or have multiple clients managing it, this is the best and cheapest way to make you more efficient.

You can purchase the following four items at an office supply store or online for $10.

The first item you need is a storage file. The index card file I’m showing in my diagram is a standard black plastic card file that closes quickly. Store and organize the card, plus the card continues to be hands-free and costs only $2, plus, you can do whatever you want because there are a variety of styles available, such as the key card file that costs around $11.00.

Next, you need a set of color-coded tabs. What you find are letters A through Z, but you can rotate and the back of the tab is blank. You can easily type in a tab with a permanent marker. I use these tabs to mark Mondays, Tuesdays, etc.

The third item is an index card pack made of durable card stock and sealed on one side. I use this for everything, including notes on meetings and seminars. This is an easier transaction to sort out than a random notebook. I always take the card with me, so he can easily take the card in his shirt pocket.

Finally, you need a color index card, which will be used as a title card for each social media site or task such as; Read emails, update blogs and write articles.

Let’s start by creating a weekly spreadsheet in Microsoft Word (or similar) or on a piece of paper. Organize your tasks according to the length of the day and how long each task will take. For example, what I do most every morning is reading my favorite online news sources and some social media news sites. This takes about half an hour from 8am to 8:30pm. I found this to keep me on task and not get lost. After that I opened three email to buy outlook pva accounts. Of course I get emails all day too, but I definitely give her a check in the morning and give her plenty of time to follow up.

Once you are done with the spreadsheet, move the tasks one by one to the index card. Note: If you edit your Facebook page five times a week, you will need to create five index cards and submit each tab daily. When I first used this system, I tried to get it done by making one card and moving it around each day, but that wasn’t a working method for me. It’s easiest to go to Tuesday and the ticket is available. Here is an example of what I wrote on one of my index cards: (9:30 AM) 1. Reply to a comment 2. Update post status (9:45) 3. Reply to comments on the customer page 2. Update post status. I open the list and keep the task of course making sure not to deal with the allotted time. Then I come back to the next card.

Seven Additional Ways to Use the Index Card System: What I have found very good is that the usefulness of this system is more than just a function of everyday tasks. I also have a section to organize other things I usually need to save or keep a diary like:

1. Useful website. Bookmarking a website isn’t something I often do, but sometimes I forget why I bookmarked it or don’t remember it at all. I have a lot of social media that I want to keep close.

2. The password. I’ve kept most of them in memory or stored online, but some passwords create original dots and I have to write them in ink and lock them in an easy place.

3. Notes. I attend seminars and meetings with a stack of index cards in my wallet (it can be carried in your shirt pocket). When I get back to the office, I open cards and files by theme or throw.

4. To set as quickly as possible. I tried to pay attention to this list for a week.

5. Upcoming posts. I know everyone will have time to turn around today.

6. Ideas. Another reason to bring a card.

7. Client Profile. I like to keep specific notes on clients, sometimes time cards and to-do lists for future needs.

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