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Metal Detecting Misconceptions We All Have Heard

by Soft2share.com

Are you interested in discovering exciting metal detecting finds? Then carefully read what we are about to tell. People can be confusing with the different theories that they develop because of the myths. So, we have taken this matter into our hands to debunk the common misconceptions about the metal detecting hunt, so nothing comes your way.

Myth#1: The Detectors Are Not Safe

For many years, people have been assuming the metal detectors are harmful to your health. Luckily, it isn’t true. Don’t believe us? Then the following might help.

Based on the research on NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), it has been concluded that there is very low radiation emission. Therefore, old, sick, or pregnant women can all use these without any harm.

Myth#2: You Cannot Find Anything Valuable

It is nothing but a false statement. There are various websites on the internet where enthusiasts share their unique and weird metal detector finds. Please take a look at them, find inspiration, and continue with your adventurous hunt. We can guarantee you’ll find something interesting if you go out with your metal detector this weekend.

Myth#3: Beach Is the Only Place to Find Valuables

Beaches are, without a doubt, the best place to find lost valuables like jewelry. There is a lot of foot traffic in summers, and people lose all sorts of stuff; the only reason you will see numerous beach metal detecting finds.

However, it isn’t the only place to make discoveries. All the sites with high foot traffic like old buildings or near graveyards can increase your chance of finding something fun and valuable.

Myth#4: You’ll Only Be Able to Find Ferrous Metal

For the people who do not know, ferrous metals are the ones that contain iron and steel. Now, none of us know where the idea came from, but it is indeed out there.

We can confirm that your metal detectors are not constrained to it. You can find all kinds of metal including, gold, silver, or aluminum. Even you’ll find sensors that are specially made to discover non-ferrous metals.

Don’t let this hold you back! Visit a metal detector store and continue with your adventurous hobby.

Myth#5: All Your Metal Detecting Finds Belongs To You

We all don’t want it to be accurate, but unfortunately, it is. You have to talk to the authority of the land where you are hunting. For instance, if you search in a cemetery, your discovery would belong to the church.

We know it isn’t enjoyable, but on the bright side, you’ll get to keep some of the items you have discovered, which makes the hobby worth the time.

Myth#6: You Cannot Find Platinum Items

Just like the above claims, it is just a misconception. Metal detectors can help you find platinum during the hunt. The only problem is, statistically considering, the chances of discovering platinum are scarce.

We would encourage you to keep away from the myths and pursue your hobby. Find metal detectors from the stores like Teknetics Direct to increase the chances of finding something interesting.

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