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How Google Flutter Became the Frontrunner in the Mobile App Development Race?

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In the world of mobile application development, a number of technologies have been introduced so far but there is one term that deserves special attention and that is ‘Flutter’. When one thinks about developing a mobile application, the very first term that triggers in the mind is ‘Flutter’. Now, the question arises: why is this so? It’s a general saying that nothing happens in the world without a reason. The same concept of the real-world is applicable here also. Flutter offers a number of unique features due to which it is emerging as the frontrunner in the Mobile App Development Race.

Easy to learn and use Mobile application development is in great demand today. We have mobile applications for almost everything available on the web. Now, the question arises is what mobile phone users look for in a mobile application. The most important things mobile users look for in a mobile application are its beautiful design, smoother animation and performance and google’s Flutter is the one that fulfills all the mentioned requirements in an efficient manner. Flutter enables application developers to create mobile applications with the newest features without compromising on its speed and performance.

In fact, Google’s Flutter is holding the first position nowadays in the world of mobile application development. There are few specific reasons behind Flutter winning this race. The most important and powerful features of Flutter are as under:

Fast Development

Among all the amazing features offered by Flutter, one is Flutter’s hot reload feature. This feature enables developers to build UIs, fix bugs faster and add features thus making the development fast and efficient. Because of this feature, developers need not wait for a few minutes for the code changes to get reflected on the screen but changes can be reflected only in sub-seconds and developers can see the results promptly.

Easy to learn and use

One of the most important reasons for Flutter winning mobile development race is it is simple to learn and use. People generally like to prefer a programming language that is easy to understand and use. That’s why Flutter, being easy to learn and use is gaining so much preference these days. A lot of documentation and online help is available for developers who want to get started with Flutter.

Huge community support worldwide

Flutter has a huge community worldwide which enables developers to learn more and more and enhance their knowledge in the same. Developers can take online help in case they get stuck at any point. Using these communities, developers can find answers to their questions and they can share their knowledge as well.

Development Cost

With the use of Flutter, it becomes comparatively cheaper to develop a mobile application. With Flutter, there is no need to develop and maintain two separate applications (one for android and one for ios). Hence, we can see a significant reduction in the cost of developing an application which of course, will increase if separate applications need to be developed for different platforms. 

Good Documentation

For any new technology, the availability of good and detailed documentation is a must to aid developers but it does not happen in every case. Luckily, Flutter has very good and detailed documentation available with easy examples that aid developers to find the answers to problems in their code as well as to enhance their overall learnings and knowledge in the same.

The Dart Language

To develop an application in Flutter, Dart language is used which is another important reason behind the frequent use of Flutter for building mobile applications. The syntax of Dart is clear and incredibly powerful. Dart is easy to learn and very beginner-friendly as well. Learning  Dart is not tough if the developer has some experience in Java or Javascript. Dart language enables developers to handle both front end and back end in a single code base. This results in less coding and when there is less coding the overall time in developing the application will also reduce.

Reduced Testing

Flutter enables developers to build one application for more than one platform and when there is only one application for more than one platform, the significant amount of testing will also be less. Because of the same code base, QA engineers need to write test scripts only once. Hence, QA engineers will have less work to do. This will have a positive impact on the overall project management time.


In Flutter, the basic UI block is called a  ‘widget’. Flutter enables developers to create their own widgets. They can even customize the existing widgets to give a beautiful design to the application. Hence, it becomes easier to design a flexible user interface.


A number of integrated development environments are supported by Flutter like Android Studio, Visual Code, IntelliJ, etc. As Flutter is supporting a lot of IDEs, developers do not need to change the IDE in order to start with.

Above is just a small list of the most important and powerful features of Flutter. However, there are very many other features that can be included in the list. Flutter has been emerging as a modern and reliable platform that has attracted the attention of a large number of companies recently. It is interesting due to the simplicity it offers as compared to developing web applications as well as the speed it offers as compared to native applications. 

We can even notice a significant rise in Flutter’s job market as well which proves the fact of Flutter being adopted by more and more companies and people recently. We can see a large number of job postings for Flutter developers every day. 

Flutter is the most reliable and quick mobile application development framework and is going to stay in the industry for a long time without any doubt. So, if Flutter is your choice and you are looking to develop a mobile application or want to hire a Flutter developer, Indylogix Solutions is the right spot to contact.

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