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Mobile Office – Stay Connected From Anywhere in the World

by Soft2share.com

With remote and mobile technology improving at a staggering rate, the idea of someone working from a computer anywhere in the world is not just possible; it’s becoming more and more commonplace.

No longer do company bosses, employees or the self-employed have to be tied to a desk or a geographic location, they now have the freedom to work from wherever suits them, and their company, best.

If you’re thinking about freeing yourself from the routine of the office, here’s what you’ll need to get started and stay connected.



In most cases, the most basic equipment you’ll need is a laptop or tablet computer, but some people may be able to operate on something as small as a smart phone.

Depending on what your role is and what sort of work you’re undertaking, you may need additional equipment, or access to printers, scanners and photocopiers, but this can normally be found at any hot-desking site or internet café.

People can connect to their mobile office from devices as small as a smart phone


The next thing that you’ll probably require is constant and uninterrupted access to the internet to allow you to stay in touch, check your emails and get work done.

This can generally be found by using Wi-Fi hubs or tethering, or you can also use a dongle for when a Wi-Fi signal cannot be found.

Having mobile internet will give you access to services like Dropbox and networks, if you’re using a single IP address you can also set it up to be part of a network, giving you remote access to your desktop computer back in the office or at home, as well as all of your files. It is also essential to have a reliable IT support service you can trust.

 Increased productivity

Working from a mobile office not only frees you from the physical constraints of an office, but also from the daily routine of the 9-5.

Working remotely, you can tailor the hours to suit your workload, putting in extra time when you’ve got deadlines to meet, and taking a break when the work is more relaxed.

This can improve productivity enormously as it prevents people from clockwatching and focuses them on the task in hand.

 Improved work/life balance

This flexibility can help to improve the quality of work achieved by employees and employers and help to improve their work/life balance. After all, the sooner they’re done with their work, the sooner they can return their family and friends.

Although this may not be the case when employees are working remotely because of travelling for their job, on the whole, mobile offices are located near to home and loved ones.

 Quicker response to deadlines and requests

Having 24/7 access to your office can help you to provide a better and more efficient service to your customers by allowing you to respond to their queries and requests promptly and comprehensively.

It also allows you to turn work around to fulfill short-notice or tight deadlines, as you don’t have to worry about finding the right file on your computer at work or having access to specific software to get the job done.

 If you have access to Wi-Fi, you can always be connected

Virtual offices

If you’ve done away with a physical office altogether but still want an address for correspondence and permanent telephone number for calls, there are a number of virtual office solutions on the market that can help.

Ranging from a simple telephone answering service to a full virtual office package, they can give the illusion that you’re a big company based in a prime location, giving your clients confidence in your abilities.

When organised and set up in the right way, a mobile office can offer a huge range of benefits, helping you to work more efficiently and more cohesively and stay connected from anywhere in the world.

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