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Mobile Phone Accessories of the Future

by Soft2share.com

In today’s jet age mobile phones have turned out to be a necessity. In short it is truly an era of smarter and faster cell phones which have made lives a lot easier. This powerful communication device has gained more popularity than other high tech gadgets in the market due to its unique features, which give you flexibility unlike any other devices. However, with the flourishing market of mobile phones came the market of mobile phone accessories as well. These accessories when adorned on your phone not only add a zing to it but also improve its functionality as well.

Today the market is flooded with smart phones which have increased the demand of high end mobile phones and taken it to a whole new level. Now it’s not only a necessity but also a powerful style statement and status symbol as well. However, keeping at per with the demand of smart and handy mobile phone the demand of mobile phone accessories have also increased tenfold. Today there have been astounding breakthroughs in mobile phone technology and to optimize its features you need the next generation of accessories which will indeed enhance your mobile phone experience. So far the most popular accessories included Bluetooth devices, mobile phone cases, covers, hands free and many others. However, the new generation accessories are far more advanced and created to give you flexibility unlike anything you have ever experienced with your smart phones. Here take a look at the next generation mobile phone accessories:

Batteries to be powered with fingers
When it comes to mobile phones the biggest problem people face is with the batteries as they do not provide backup for more than a few hours. Carrying around chargers and looking for charging points is certainly a difficulty people face with mobile phones today. However this is all going to change in the future as soon power fingered batteries are going to hit the market. These batteries will be powered with the touch of your fingers. The whole process uses the concept of kinetic energy. All you have to do is hold your phone with your index finger and your thumb and spin it as long as the charging process is on. The technology has so far been used with only wrist watches and now it is available with mobile phones as well.

Chargers that are eco friendly
The concept is intended to promote eco-friendly products which run on alternative energy sources like solar power. Soon there will be chargers which will be worn like bracelets having small solar panels to extract energy from sunlight and turning it into electrical energy necessary to power your mobile phone. However, the whole procedure depends on the intensity of the light. Hence you can even wear these chargers at night and power it through some strong lights like fluorescents for instance.

Medical stylus
Soon your stylus will be so advanced that it will not only be just a pen but will be able to detect your body temperature as well as any medical conditions. It will function along with definite software in your phone which will detect any health conditions and suggest the necessary treatment options as well.

If that’s not all, there will also be advanced camera lenses and extra battery cases as well. This is truly the new era of smart gadgets and your mobile phone and mobile phone accessories will certainly come on top of the list.

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