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Mobile Spy Child Monitoring Software Review

by Soft2share.com

Parenthood is a blessing because kids are our food and fodder. After all, when we see them happy, we become happy as well. But there are challenges to it. As a reasonable and dutiful parent, luckily I realized it “just” in time. Yes, I am talking about keeping a close eye on the activities of my kid.


That would obviously make most of us agree that kids are growing up to witness the technological inventions. Isn’t it? Hence, based on their actions, I just “gave up” in my efforts to keep a “close watch” on his actions. I tried maintaining frequent interactions, loved him more than ever, but still I could sense he was “hiding” something.

I can’t possibly tell him to stop playing games online, as he would start crying which to me was “just” not a solution anymore. While referring online, I happen to know about Mobile Spy Child Monitoring Software. It is a tool for putting an end to various concerns once and for all.

Let’s take a look at the software in detail:-

Parents like me are “naturally” worried about the things “children” watch. However,  now thanks to its “Live control panel” mechanism, we can continue to monitor the mobile device of our child and based on our preference, we can also command it to issue alert through “siren” or lock “certain devices”. I never realized, until I had it. I realized how easy it has actually become for parents like me to track and monitor every single activities of children.

Know location

Safety is strengthened further by knowing the location of your child anytime and every time you want

Full-fledged monitoring

Of all things, I was quite concerned about what he watches. Yes, that gave me a platform to monitor by way of Mobile Spy Features where I can track the kind of videos he watches, or MMS or SMS received or sent. That equally gave me an additional security by knowing the “contacts” he has saved by going through call details.


I was quite relieved about tracking videos, but what about photos? Well, I am able to check his device with the nature of photos he has stored and clicked. That equally lets me check email account and messenger in terms of whether he has indulged with any dubious activity.

Blocking of Applications

Well, to my horror, I did find few applications which were actually not meant to be used or referred but anyways, I was prepared right from the start. Well, the software has empowered me to block certain applications from running.


My duty as a parent isn’t done. I actually receive alerts if there is any effort made to resume the prohibited or banned activities. Well, this action has actually given me the biggest peace of mind as I know how attaining fool proof security is actually easy, provided you have inner zeal and are smart towards making right decision at the right time.

My verdict

I personally couldn’t find any loopholes or drawbacks. It has made my life easy as a parent and my only regret is that, I could have purchased it earlier.

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