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Must try out apps for all pregnant women

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Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is important for both your health and the health of the unborn baby. You should ensure you maintain a holistic health condition, that is, mentally, physically and emotionally. There are many means of maintaining a healthy condition during pregnancy. Handling pregnancy is very delicate, and you should be very careful to avoid any physical injuries or emotional distress that may put both your life and unborn baby’s life in danger.

You should visit the doctor regularly for routine checkups. The doctor will determine both your and unborn baby’s health condition and give the appropriate recommendations in case of abnormalities. Most couples are afraid of pregnancy because of the accompanying responsibility. With the global technological advancement, there are better and improved ways of keeping track of your health. The latest development in technology has led to the creation of many apps that are fitted with both smartphones and the computers to aid people in monitoring their health. From these apps, you can access information that can help you deal with you medical condition including pregnancy. All pregnant women should try out these apps to find out how significant they are during the pregnancy periods.


BabyBump app

With the new technology, you can easily keep track of your pregnancy. BabyBump is one of these technologies that help you keep track of your pregnancy. The app offers daily and weekly photos and information about the baby’s development and personalized pregnancy countdown with a progress bar. Also, the app provides you with a list of common pregnancy symptoms, food cravings and bodily changes that you should expect each and every week. Moreover, the app aids you in keeping track of your symptoms, daily weight gain and more.


BabyCentre My Pregnancy Today

‘BabyCentre My Pregnancy Today’ is among the most preferred apps because they are from the most respected authorities in pregnancy. The app in very significant in aiding to keep you up-to-date on your pregnancy daily, how your body is changing, pregnancy checklists, foetal development, nutrition guide, pregnancy videos and pregnancy progress tracker. This app is flexible in its application and can easily be used by almost everyone. Also, for people with reading disabilities, photos act as alternative information materials.


I’m Expecting-Pregnancy app

‘I’m Expecting-Pregnancy app’ is a must-have pregnancy app for all pregnant women. The app is essential as it helps in tracking your pregnancy weight gain, your symptoms, doctor’s appointments and more. Also, the app gives you weekly updates on your baby’s development and growth, information on what is happening in your body weekly and expert advice on how to alleviate common pregnancy symptoms. The new technology also helps you take photos of your growing tummy weekly and design a slideshow.


Fertility and pregnancy calculator

‘Fertility and pregnancy calculator’ is an app that is very helpful for both pregnant women and women who are trying to conceive. For women trying to conceive, the app helps you to calculate your fertile days and ovulation date and tells you when to have sexual intercourse to improve your chances of getting pregnant. On the other hand, for pregnant women, the app aids in keeping you up-to-date on when pregnancy events should occur and the time for doing the essential pregnancy tests.


Baby steps Pregnancy apps
Baby Steps - The Journey of A Lifetime

Baby steps app aids you in appointment scheduling, provides diet recommendations and pulls data from wireless scales and blood-pressure cuffs. The design of the app is such that if it detects any abnormalities it directly sends an alert to nurse.


Pregnancy Buzz by the Bump

With the development of new technology, there are more creative and cute pregnancy apps like the Pregnancy Buzz by the Bump app. The app helps in informing pregnant women at every stage of their pregnancy. The app provides pregnant women with typically all the information they require to have about pregnancy. The information provided include what to expect at your prenatal visits and what’s safe to eat and what not safe to eat during pregnancy. Also, the app provides an interface where pregnant women and women aspiring to be pregnant can interact and get answers to many questions they might be having.


Pregnancy and Baby Development

This app helps you follow your baby’s life from conception to the first year of her or his life. There are many services offered by this app that include commentary from the renowned doctor, high-quality videos, due date calculator, conception calendar and database of popular baby names. Also, the app helps you follow your baby’s weekly development inside the womb and monthly infant development overview for the first year of his or her life.



With new technology, there is a development of many helpful applications and software. Pregnancy apps are possible with the development of new technology like the smartphone. It is every couple’s desire to have a healthy baby after a period of successful pregnancy. Therefore, it is the couple’s responsibility to take care of the pregnancy to achieve a successful pregnancy period, safe delivery and healthy baby. These pregnancy apps provide the pregnant women and women aspiring to become pregnant with all the necessary information and tips they require about pregnancy.


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