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Myths about serviced offices

by Soft2share.com

Serviced offices in Abu Dhabi are increasing rapidly and they are surely helpful to the individuals who would like to aim for this opportunity. However, people are still confused about these services and thus the myths circulate. Here we will debunk some myths and help you figure out the truth:

  • Serviced offices are not cheap

This may seem true at the first glance but the moment you realize what is included in these services, you will know that it costs you less than anything else that you want exclusively. Reputable serviced offices JLT will cost you more because not only it is a premium location but also includes every single thing that you can think of ranging from parking to utility charges, internet to telephone services and furniture to its cleaning.

  • Moving is hard

We all hate moving. The stress of packing and loading things and then shifting them to a different location sounds like such a huge task but this won’t be the case with serviced office. Imagine picking up your laptop and a file and moving to a location which is readily available for you with the telephone line connected, internet connection set up and the cabinets ready to store your files in. That easy it is to move.

  • Telephone services are expensive

Most people think that because the serviced office’s major task is to reward you with your own office landline this is why the charges for calls will be higher than normal and this is where they reap the benefits from. Luckily this is completely false. A serviced office is managing not one, but hundreds of different offices at the same time which gives them a discount on telephone services and thus in return costs you less than you would expect it to.

  • Only small sized start ups need serviced offices

There is no potential excuse on why large scale businesses wouldn’t need or want to start up their business in serviced offices. On contrary, they do prefer serviced offices as the leasing amount is not much for them but they do get another firm or branch in a different location. But it is largely used by small businesses and start ups so they can experience office life in cheaper rates.

There are so many other things you don’t know, so do your research first.

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