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Nano Ceramic Coatings Vs Teflon Coatings: Which One to Use?

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The saying beauty lies in the eyes of beholder does not stand out in the automotive industry. Having cars with ultimate shine is of much importance for many car owners. As long as the cars have existed, people have always searched for the ways to give their cars a long-lasting shine as well as try their best to protect these prized possessions from the environmental hazards.

Ceramic car coating and Teflon Coatings are being widely used in the automotive industry for the last few years. Most of the car owners are not aware of the exact difference between these two coatings and just go for the one that is affordable for them. In order to treat your car in the best possible way, it is essential to identify the differences between different kinds of coatings so that you can take the right decision at the right moment for your vehicle.

Difference between Nano Ceramic Coatings and Teflon Coatings

Let’s discuss some major differences between Nano Ceramic Coatings and Teflon Coatings below:

  1. Formation

The formation and material used in both of the coatings are totally different. Teflon is a flouro-polymer material with a base that consists of synthetic wax. The same material is used for designing non-stick cookware. The Teflon coatings form a protective layer on the painted car panels and have a thickness of 0.02 microns.

Whereas, the Ceramic coating is made up of Carborundum which is one of the hardest material known in its manufacturing. This clear coat with a thickness of 2 microns, when applied, forms a chemical bond with the paint layer of the car. This formation of the clear coating is hydrophobic, provides protection from rust, and resists chemical etching.

  1. Cost

Teflon coatings are cheaper than Nano Ceramic coatings, but they only remain durable for 5 to 6 months. After this period is over, you will have to redo the coating again for your vehicle. This cycle of renewing the coating shortens the life of car paint.

On the other hand, Nano Ceramic coatings are more durable and provide long lasting protection from rust, scratches, dust, swirl marks, and so much more. It also resists all kind of environmental as well as natural elements including acid rain. Although Nano Ceramic coating is expensive than Teflon Coating, it provides strong protection and keeps your car shining for a long time to come.

  1. Favorability

The Teflon (PTFE) coatings are usually considered difficult to install properly. They require more than 1 application for completing the coating process entirely. If some major paint damage occurs, the whole film needs to be replaced and removed thus consuming more energy.

On the opposite side, the Nano Ceramic coatings are easier to install and require as little as one layer for the application. If damaged, they can be cured in lesser time thus saving energy. Thus, the Ceramic coatings are considered more economical as compared to Teflon coatings.

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