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New Marketing Tools – Direct Way To Connect Customers

by Soft2share.com

Gift cards are new and trending tool used in sales and marketing by the organizations in different sectors like automobile, clothing, jewellery, furniture and hotels. They try to attract more customers by providing them e gift card or discount cards like:  in hotels – allowing them to stay one night free in off season, in automobile sector, they give one on one service free of the vehicles, sending birthday or anniversary cards, giving them extra discount on bulk purchasing etc. This is the easiest and quick way of attracting new and retaining old customers. Under this no monetary benefit is given, just the non-monetary benefit is provided to customers.

There are many other benefits of these gift cards provided to customers, which are discussed as follows:

  1. Creating chain of customers: This helps in creating chains of customers by providing gift cards or coupons to customers, even when customers do not buy anything from your store but you still give them gift card.It will have its positive impact on the company may be now or later. These gift cards help in popularizing your organization in the market.
  2. Increase in purchases: By offering gift cards to customers when they purchase in bulk or purchase specific products. Like with the purchasing of 5000 giving 10% off on next purchasing, in order to get that discount that customer will surely come back to you for next time purchasing.
  3. Helps in increasing market sales: When customers come to redeem their gift  cards, they purchase even those items which they have not planned even plan to  purchase, this helps in increasing not only sales but the market share of the your organization.  And while redeeming gift cards they do not pay much attention to the price of the product.
  4. Helps in attracting new as well as retaining old ones: Giving gift cards to old customers will help in retaining them to your organization and also helps in getting a new customer in your organization by giving some kind of lucky coupons or gift cards to the people who are not your customer. They will attract to your gift cards or discounts and will surely come back to you.
  5. Loosen up your customers: When customers receive gift cards they get less concerned about the price of the product. Their main focus will be on redeeming the gift cards that they receive. This will not only help in increasing your sales but even help in selling those products that remain unsold during year.

You have heard about the lucky winners discount or gift cards from so many people or organizations that this is the new way of increasing marketing. This is the new and attracted tool used by the organizations to satisfy their customers. You must satisfy your customers in order to survive in this competitive market world. You can also buy e gift cards from internet without even going to the store. Using new tools in marketing to create brand awareness and building customer base is the new and foremost trend in the market.

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