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Nokia N1 vs. iPad Mini

by Soft2share.com

Nokia released their first tablet named “Nokia N1” or say the first device in November 2014 after giving-up their Smartphone business to Microsoft. Nokia entering the tablet market can be a smart competition to other tablet companies, especially Samsung and Nexus. The latest news states that Nokia N1 Pad has come to Bangalore from the US and for internal testing purposes. It looks like they are planning for the Indian launch soon.


Here is a quick comparison between the unique features of Nokia’s N1 Pad and Apple iPad Mini  (Retina Display).

Processor: Nokia N1 comes with Intel Atom Z3580 2.3 Ghz quad core processor which is definitely an advantage over various other tablets in the market while iPad mini still works on a Dual core 64-bit 1.3GHz processor.


The iPad mini comprises of a battery 4490mAh capacity while the new Nokia N1 consist of a battery with 5300 mAh capacity. It would be an interesting competition to see how they collaborate the battery to the processor and Android for better battery backup.

Storage & RAM:

While the iPad provides RAM of 1GB, Nokia N1 provides RAM of 2GB. The Internal storage for Nokia N1 is 32GB which is pretty reasonable at the price they are selling as compared to iPad mini where you have to pay extra amount for more Internal Storage.


This is one of the best features of Nokia N1 tablet. The tablet consists of an 8-MP rear camera with Auto focus and 5MP front camera.  This is way better than what Apple is providing in their iPads.  A 5MP camera in front would be a great advantage for video chatting.


Nokia N1 supports Bluetooth 4.0 and will allow you to transfer files to all supported devices without any restrictions like Apple iPad.

Final Verdict: Nokia N1 tablet will be available for around Rs 16,000 (250 USD) and is pretty reasonable for the features it is providing. The better battery, Camera, RAM and processor is a great advantage but still the quality of Apple products is unmatched. However, for 250 USD and for heavy and rough usage, Nokia N1 tablet is definitely a good deal.

This Comparison is written by Shrivant Saxena
An enthusiast blogger and tech-savvy who likes to explore new gadgets and share knowledge to others. Loves to write on Android Smartphones on my blog.

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