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On-Demand Babysitting App Is Creating A Revolution In Our Daily Life

by Soft2share.com

You are a working parent, and having a baby at home!

These two facts always contradict each other. Parenting is not an easy task and when it comes to working parents, it turns out to be more demanding. For parents to keep a balance with their professional and personal lives, it is the biggest challenge.

However, in such a demanding schedule, mobile app technology has brought relief to a larger extent. With the emergence of on-demand babysitting app, parents have got something to rely on. Such app concept has not brought convenience for the parents, but for the nannies as well.

Indeed, it has created a win-win situation for all.

Work mechanism of on Demand babysitter app for Parents

As a parent, you need to follow some basic stapes, such as:

  • Download the app and register
  • On registration completion, access the list of babysitters listed in the app
  • Babysitter can be booked on different parameters, such as availability status, reviews & ratings, and hourly charges.
  • On hiring, the payment can be made through the app
  • After getting the services, parents can leave a review of the services they got

Work mechanism of on Demand babysitter app for nannies

As a babysitter/nanny you need to follow a few steps such as: 

  • Download the app and register, you need to go through a verification process before the account gets approved.
  • Once the verification process is successful, you would be redirected to the dashboard.
  • You can change the status ‘Available’ or ‘Not Available’. And set the alerts for new jobs.
  • On the job completion, you track your earnings and past jobs.

Panels for on-demand babysitting app

  • Admin panel
  • Parent panel
  • Nanny panel

Features required to build an on-demand babysitting app

  • Find the babysitter- This is the feature, that is nothing but the sole of this app. It allows the parents to find the right babysitter for their little munchkin. 
  • Validation- Yes, a babysitting app, cannot work without this feature. It lets the parents get full-fledged information about the babysitters’ background check. Since security for a child is the supreme concern.
  • Match the Personality- This is an interesting feature, that helps parents to run a personality matching check, for baby and caretaker. This helps in making successful bonding.
  • Notification – This feature allows babysitters, parents, and the admin about the appointment or cancellation or payments or any action taken, happening within the space of app and its services.
  • Google Map- Parents and babysitters both, can find each other through this option.
  • Payment Gateway- It is the most vital feature, that lets the parents make the payment to the babysitters, through mobile app only.
  • Manage bookings and interviews – As a working parent, it is very hard to meet the person always. So within the app, this feature always has proven as a blessing. Here parents can conduct the live video chat or an introductory video of the baby-sitter. 

Now you must be wondering how to monetize your on-demand babysitting app. So here are the ways through which you can monetize your app.

How to monetize your on-demand baby-sitting app?

Being an app developer, you always look for the best possible solution to give the end-users, but in the end, the basic concept behind the app development cannot be given a miss at any given cost, and that basic concept or the aspect is App Monetization.

Indeed, apps have revolutionized the way we think, and there is no second opinion to be shared on this fact.

Now, that we have dived into various apps and understood its sky-high importance, let us try to understand this concept of app monetization.

App monetization is one of the most vital by-products for your app’s success plan, which lets the money roll-in, once the app is accepted by the targeted audience. With the rising competition, there are millions of apps created on a daily basis, which suffocate the app stores and have to increase the users’ expectations level to a great extent.

Due to this, you need to be extra careful while picking the monetization model for your mobile app. A leading mobile app development company always suggests you with the best app monetization model, fitting your requirements.

Some of the most picked app monetization models are:

  • FREEMIUM- This Freemium model offers a free download, however only a limited set of features can be accessed, for rest, users have to make the payment.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS- Here advertisers pay the owners to place advertisements in their apps.
  • E-COMMERCE- it works as a portal for users to discover and purchase the product.
  • SUBSCRIPTION- it allows the users to download the app and access a certain amount of content for free and pay for a subscription to view more of the available content.
  • IN-APP PURCHASES- it lets you sell digital or physical goods and services within the app.
  • SPONSORSHIP- in this model, developers partner with certain brands and advertisers who in turn receive rewards when specific In-app tasks are completed.

The app monetization model will help your babysitting app to incur significant revenue for your business.

How much does it cost to build an on-demand babysitting app?

Yes, this is the most important part. However, you must know that there are multiple features, that come into play while deciding the cost for your on-demand babysitting app. The features, type of functionality, location of app builder, technology, everything comes into force. So it is hard to bring you an accurate numerical figure.

When you reach out to the experienced team of LeadMuster, then definitely, you can get the estimated cost for your app. Just reach out to the expert team of technocrats at LeadMuster and help a successful mobile app to come into existence.

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