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Orbis New Generation Financial Institution

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The cryptocurrency arena has been witnessing the innovations that have been unique in their own right. One such innovative and out of the concept we came across is ORBIS Money Transfer. Set to revolutionize the concept of money transfers, the service will bring the people who have had no bank accounts into its net. How does it do this? We will find out in a finer detail.

ORBIS – New Generation Financial Institution

In essence, ORBIS has developed a platform that offers you an innovative mode of money transfer and investments. The platform would be based on Blockchain technology and will be powered by Cryptocurrency.

In fact, it aims at decentralizing the banking concept by making it self-managed through the use of Blockchain technology. The use of Blockchain technology will bring in transparency and security and thus make your money transfers safer.

The technology will work through self-service machines, through personal smartphones or computers and an internet service. The concept is set to offer you an opportunity to make money transfers or indulge in investments.

What are the Salient Features?

ORBIS Transfer is redefining the money transfer and investment arena with a few innovative concepts. The company is making a beginning with the cryptocurrency based money transfer and investment options. The concept would involve the use of mobile phones and computers for effective money transfer and investment functionalities.

Next on the line up would be the NFC aided transfer mechanisms and debit cards that would make the society ready for a digital cash environment. The free wireless Point of Sales machines will be provided to the vendors, traders and other business owners. They can be used for receiving the payments for the services they provide through their businesses.

Moreover, the service has also visualized plans for launching physical branches all over the world. The physical branches would be equipped with the ATM machines and AI-based Virtual Assistants. These branches will provide all sorts of financial services that include payment, withdrawal, deposits, and investment services.

In fact, digital payments are growing by leaps and bounds, and that is exactly what ORBIS wants to use for its working model. A universal transaction service involving both fiat and cryptocurrencies has been quite non-existent to date. ORBIS has huge plans of filling this void. We would definitely foresee a growing market for the products introduced by ORBIS Transfer.

Before We Leave…

Well, that was an introduction to the unique and innovative concept that Orbis has plans to bring about. The company has a well-defined roadmap and given the enthusiasm that the team behind the project has been showing, we would indeed expect it to be successful in its venture.

Moreover, the company also has a philanthropic vision to its project as well. Targeting over 2.5 Billion people worldwide who do not have a bank account, ORBIS plans to change the scenario and introduce digital banking services to the world at large. It has the vision to bring around 1 billion people into the banking net by 2025.

We definitely liked their vision, and thanks to the efficiency that they have shown, we definitely foresee it to be a huge success.

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